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That would depend on what you're wanting specifically. There are many different companies that offer managed server hosting. One company is DedicatedNow. They offer fully managed server hosting. Another company would be Immotion. They offer fast and easy setup.

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Q: What are the most reliable companies that offer managed server hosting?
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Where can I get reliable dedicated server hosting at a reasonable cost?

There are several server hosting companies out there that are very affordable. You can check out and you can also try to find a list of companies to compare and shop around.

Where can one find a hosted server for a good price?

There are several companies that provide server hosting for decent prices. Some of these companies include Single Hop, Reliable Servers, Go Daddy, and Net Hosting.

What are the least expensive companies offering managed server hosting?

There are many inexpensive server hosting companies on the web. The prices range from $3.67 to $4.95. These companies are as follows: Fat Cow, Host Monster, Inmotion Hosting, Green Geeks, Ipage, Webhostingpad, Start Logic Hosting, Blue Host, Just Host, and Host Gator.

How secure is my data with managed dedicated server hosting?

IT is very secure with most companies. Make sure you choose a strong password.

Where can one find information about hosting a managed web server?

One can find information about hosting a managed web server at a website called Wikipedia. At this website under the topic called "Dedicated Hosting Service" one can find information about hosting managed web servers.

How much money can my business save with managed server hosting?

Managed server hosting is one way a company can cut down on IT expenses. For a better idea contact a server company with your specific needs.

When was managed dedicated hosting established?

Managed dedicated hosting was established around 1997. Managed dedicated hosting is a is a well established option for those that do not want to worry about server management responsibilities.

What companies provide services in order to do streaming server hosting?

There are no companies who provide services in order to do streaming server hosting. Hosting servers upon which to stream is a service itself, but this question is not written as such and talks about streaming server hosting which is gibberish.

What is the purpose of a dedicated managed server hosting?

The main purpose of dedicated managed server hosting is not just one thing, but many. They offer security, high performance, control, and stability for email and more.

What is the meaning of managed hosting?

Managed hosting means a company has their own web server but doesn't have full control over it. The server is usually leased to them. The provider does not give them full control to provide quality service.

What companies offer application server hosting?

Application server hosting is offered by several companies who offer software services to companies to reduce their distribution and maintenance costs. Companies include Clickability and Salesforce.

Does my buisness require a managed server?

Most companies do not need a managed server. If you need a server a virtual one will uit your needs.