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Pregnant women put on weight around the hips and thighs to provide nourishment for the newborn. They also put on weight on the breasts of course but this will go when you stop breastfeeding, or if you don't start. To get rid of the hip/thigh weight you have to breast feed.

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Q: What are the most common areas of the body that you gain weight when pregnant?
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What are the most common areas of the body that increase in size when one gains weight?

stomach,butt, breasts

Is it healthy to have weight loss before you get pregnant?

It's perfectly fine and actually good for her to loose weight before she has another child. When you are over weight and pregnant it will put a tremendous amount of stress on your body so loosing weight before she gets pregnant will do her body wonders.

what are good body weight workouts?

There are many body weight workouts specific for target areas. If you need to lose weight in a specific area there are exercises for it. Running is good for your entire body.

What Three areas in the body that often have common ligament problems?


What is one of the most common areas of the body for a man to have liposuction preformed on?

The most common area of the body for anyone to have liposuction performed on is around the midsection. Other common areas for men include the thighs and upper arms.

What are the 7 areas of personal grooming?

body, weight,clothing ,skin,and nails.

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What does Protein intake and losing weight have in common?

They are in common because when you have lots of protein in your body it gives you the energy to exercise which helps you lose weight.

As a girl when your back hurt it can mean you are pregnant?

When a girl is pregnant, it is common for them to experience back pain due to the added weight on the front of their body, however back pain can be caused by a variety of other reasons. Please consult a physician to determine the cause of your back pain.

What part of the body does the weight bench work?

The weight bench works out all areas of the body for the most part. However, the ones you will notice change in the most is the arms, chest and back.

Is it ok to lose a few pounds when pregnant during the summer at 33 weeks of pregnancy?

That completely depends on your current body weight. If you are really skinny and pregnant, then you probably shouldn't try to lose any weight. But if you are the opposite and could afford to lose the weight before getting pregnant, then it is likely okay to lose the weight now. If you do decide that you should lose the weight, remember that how you lose weight is far more important then actually losing the weight. Simply starving yourself to lose weight is never good. Always, especially when pregnant, consult a doctor about any health changes as they will know far better what is healthiest for you and your body over people on the internet.

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