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It relaxes you, its a form of meditation

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Q: What are the medical benefits of cannabis?
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Who can use cannabis?

Pretty much anyone, including children, could potentially benefit from the potential medical benefits of Cannabis. Unfortunately Cannabis is listed as a class 1 Narcotic, which makes research on the potential medical benefits of Cannabis very difficult.

What are some benefits to cannabis?

everything, man. :)

Is three little birds about marijuana?

3LB is a group of people who grow organic weed for medical purposes. Their general aim is to teach and assist the medical cannabis community the benefits of growing organic weed.

Can tourists purchase medical cannabis in Australia?


Are medical cannabis illegal?

In some states.

Who do you go to get medical cannabis?

a doctor ..... but he will decide if you warrant it

Bhang Store EU?

Medical Cannabis Dispensary

What Age can you get a cannabis card?

Florida residents who have attained 18 years can apply to get a medical cannabis card.

Who will grant license for medical cannabis in India?

comissioner of narcotics?

When was cannabis legalized in the UK?

Medical cannabis was legalized in the UK on November 1, 2018. However, recreational cannabis remains illegal in the UK.

How can you get free medical cannabis?

It depends on local legislation. Some countries allow doctors to prescribe cannabis for medicinal reasons others do not.

Will cannabis show up on a dvla drink driving medical?

I dont know haha ; )