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These 2 forms of territorial system differ in terms of independence and autonomy of their constituent parts.

In a confederation the countries remain independent, though centralized executive and legislative bodies may be established. The counties unite as a rule in the political sphere, especially in the field of foreign policy. Though integration may be deeper. A good example of confederation is Switzerland.

A federation in a one country, divided into several parts (i.e., states) with some autonomous rights. Executive, legislative bodies and courts are established both on federal and state level. But these states are not independent.
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Q: What are the major differences between a federal system and a confederation?
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What form government is a compromise between a unitary state and a confederation?

The Federal System lies between the unitary and confederal systems of government.

What are some major difference between a federal system and a confederation?

to print money to declare war sign treaties

Is israel a unitary confederation or a federal system?

Israel is a unitary system.

Why was there no federal court system in the article of confederation?


Why was there no federal court system establish in articles of confederation?


What countries have an confederation?

No country is a confederation today. Switzerland is a confederation only by name, but truly is federal republic with a directional system and direct democracy.

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Which word best describes the federal government that was created under the Articles of Confederation?

a confederal system

What is the name for a system of government in which the states have most of the power?


What is the difference between confederation federation and federalism?

Federations have strong central authority whereas confenderations have power resting primarily with its members, the EU could be considered an Confederation whereas the USA is a Federation.

What document established federal system of government?

If I'm not mistaken, I believe it's the Articles of Confederation.

Did the articles of confederation provide a strong system of checks and balances for the federal government?

No. That's why they wrote the constitution.