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Sprint Spectrum L.P. is a company that provides landline telephone and wireless communication services. It is based in Overland Park, Kansas, USA. It is a subsidiary of SPrint Spectrum Holding Company, L.P.

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Q: What are the main uses of a sprint spectrum?
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What does LP stand for in Sprint Spectrum LP?

can be limited partnership

Who uses cdma and who uses gsm?


Does sprint own kajeet?

No. Kajeet uses Sprint's cell towers.

Is sprint the Carrie of Your Tel Wireless?

Yes, YourTel uses the Sprint Network.

Can you use an ATT Blackberry on Sprint for Data services only?

obviously not. Att uses GSM technology while sprint uses CDMA.

Use spectrum in a sentence?

In her performance, she covered a wide spectrum of dance styles. Photosynthesis uses only a portion of the light spectrum.

What kind of coverage speed and price does sprint have?

sprint has "LTE" but it is very poor coverage; and even if there is "LTE" coverage, Sprint's is quite slow, 5 MBPS vs. 25-30 MBPS on Verizon and AT&T. As far as price is concerned, Sprint is on the lower end of the spectrum, but not a T-Mobile or anything.

Can you take an altel phone and convert it to a sprint phone?

Alltel uses SIM cards (GSM, etc.,) whereas sprint uses an alternative option that avoids use of SIM cards. Answer is an unequivicable NO.

Can you use your Verizon android with sprint?

Nope, sprint uses a different technology for there towers and Verizon doesn't accept sim cards.

Could you buy a t-mobile phone and switch it to Sprint service?

Generally speaking, one cannot switch a T-Mobile phone to the Sprint network. This is because T-Mobile uses the GSM standard, while Sprint uses the CDMA standard, the two of which are not compatible.

Is the sprint cell phone compatible to A T and T cell phone?

No, Sprint uses CDMA technology and AT&T uses GSM technology. Plus, the phones are flashed to each carriers cell towers.

Is straight talk through sprint or Verizon?

It uses the Verizon network.