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One reason is financial efficiency--you can save quite a bit of cash by not having to buy a full fursuit. Another is safety; yiffing with strangers in real life is potentially harmful in many ways (STDs, violent fetishization, awkward pre- and post-act smalltalk), whereas in a virtual realm many of these problems can be avoided.

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Q: What are the main things or reasons to play Furcadia?
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How old do you have to be able to play Furcadia?

13 and up, under 13 with a parent's consent.

Who is the main character in 15 reasons not to be in a play?

it is ensemble play but jake is the main charater

Do you play Furcadia If so what is your characters name?

My name is 'Truthness' on Furcadia. (Is a new alt, I have a army of 'em! xD) I Para RP sometimes and I'm mainly seen in: furc://alaskanwolvenwoodlands, furc://dogpound or furc://thedragon'seye . This alt is a pup with a dark pinewood color from chin to rump and a light enriching green for the pelt. She has rich murky brown eyes. Her hind legs are a pine wood as well as the front. Age: 6 months (IC/roleplay). Want an RP example? Ask. xD My name on Furcadia is Angel Willison.

Are there any MMORPGs like Furcadia where you are an animal and not an anthro?

In a word, "No." Tht guy was wrong arokai is coming out soon and wolfquest is a brilliiant game where u have too survive from bears, starvation and other things. It is very realistic and i have a account i just need activation to play online and u will to BUT u can play single player while u wait, Hope this helps

What is a game like MagiStream and club penguin that's NOT wizard 101 furcadia impressivetile foopets feralheart runescape look at comments for more i already play?

Habbo is similar to Club Penguin.

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What is a good role playing site or online game to role play in?

Ro-blox, Free realms, Wizards 101, Smallworlds, Wolf Mountain, Furcadia, SuperSecret, ( might have some pet games of interest)

What is Furcadia and how do you play?

Furcadia is an online game available as a free download. You walk around the world as a pixelled avatar, and you can move freely throughout user-created 'dreams' (worlds) or make your own dream to share with visitors. There are a wide range of items, floor tiles and walls to pick from, or you can download others that people have made and use them instead, or even make your own. Think of it as mainly an online chatroom, with much more to it than that. Most people use the arrow keys to move around, and there are shortcuts to pick things up, use objects and teleport to different places.

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She probably won't let you play for two main reasons: 1. It is costing too much 2. You are too addicted

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