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Q: What are the main assault rifles used today by the Russian Army?
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What weapons will be in the army of two?

# Snipers # Assault Rifles # Shotguns # Rocket Launchers # Pistols # Machine Guns

When was Russian Liberation Army created?

Russian Liberation Army was created in 1944.

When did Russian Liberation Army end?

Russian Liberation Army ended in 1945.

Is army cadets worth while?

its very worth while, i go to the mercian regiment british acf, and next year I'm gettin the opportunity to climb mount Everest, i have fired and used numerous target rifles, machine guns and assault rifles and have made many freinds from it.

How do you say army in Russian?

In Russian: 'Armia'.

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Witch army did the Tecumseh fight?

the Russian army

What is the name of the Russian army?

The Red Army

What do they use and carry in the Canadian Army?

The standard infantry rifles in the RCAF are the Diemaco C7A1 and C7A2 rifles.

What are the release dates for The Russian Army in Manchuria - 1904?

The Russian Army in Manchuria - 1904 was released on: USA: 1904

What is the army asi for air assault?

The ASI for Air Assault is 2B. You are able to put it on your ERB now.

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