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Just like anywhere else, 18 for a Title 1 long gun, 21 for a handgun and NFA restricted items, clean criminal record - no felony convictions, no convictions for domestic violence (misdemeanor or felony), no record of having been adjudicated mentally defective, no dishonorable discharges from the military.

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Q: What are the legal requirements for the purchase of a gun in Oregon?
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What are the legal requirements to purchase a gun in WV?

At a minium, 21 for a hand gun and 18 for a long gun.

Legal age to purchase ammunition in Oregon?

18 or 21 depending on if you are buying long gun or hand gun ammunition

What is the legal age to purchase a gun in Texas?

Hand gun - 21; long gun - 18

Can I purchase a gun with my credit card?

As long as you meet the legal restrictions on gun ownership, if you purchase a gun you can pay for it with any method of payment.

What is the legal age to purchase a hand gun in Virginia?


Legal age to own a handgun in Oregon?

To purchase a handgun from a licensed dealer, or from a venue at which 25 or more guns are available for sale, you must be 21+ To purchase handgun ammunition, you must be 21+ To get a CHL in Oregon, you must be 21+ To own a handgun in Oregon, you must be 18+ Private party sales are legal in Oregon, provided that both parties are legally able to purchase / possess the firearms in question (not a felon, above the legal age, etc.). In theory, then, a person above the age of 18 could legally purchase a handgun as part of a private party sale. They just cannot carry it, or transport it loaded.

How do you register gun bought in Oregon private party how do i register it in ca.?

To register a gun purchased in Oregon from a private party in California, you would need to first ensure that the firearm is legal to possess in California and meet the state's requirements for firearms registration. You would likely have to submit the necessary paperwork and fees to the California Department of Justice, specifically the Bureau of Firearms. It's important to consult with legal authorities or experts to ensure compliance with California's gun laws.

What legal age to have paintball gun in Maine?

It depends on your meaning of "have". To purchase a paintball gun the legal age is 17. Though if you have an adult present, you may purchase one at any age. So in theory, a 2 year old could have a gun.

You live in Oregon and had your record expunged Can you buy a hand gun and not be red flagged during the waiting period trying to purchase one?

Yes you can. ORS 266.170 In Oregon an expungement in relief from prohibiton of gun rights.

What is the legal age to own a gun in Florida Not purchase one like if one was purchased for you.?

18 for long gun, 21 for hand gun

What are gun licensing requirements to purchasing 22 caliber rifle in California?

Federal law mandates that you be at least 18 to purchase a long gun.

What is the legal age to purchase a gun in Maryland?

Since you posted the question on the internet, do an internet search on Maryland gun laws.