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The first three numbers are called the area code. Originally, the area code was based on the population in the area and the ease of dialing it on a rotary phone. So a 212 or 312 was very populated, while 909 would be a rural area. They originally only had a 1 or a 0 in the middle to accommodate the switching system. Now they can be any three digits as computer systems can handle the differences.

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Q: What are the first three numbers of a phone number called?
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What are the first three numbers of a phone number called in Texas?


If you live in Minnesota what would the first three numbers of your phone number be?

The first three numbers of your phone number would be the area code, but Minnesota has several.

What is are the 3 numbers in front of your phone number called?

an area code.

How can you find what phone numbers have been called by a certain number?

I think you can't

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WikiAnswers does not give out phone numbers.

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Phone numbers that start with the numbers 800 are toll free numbers. Toll free phone numbers are numbers that have no cost to the person calling the 800 number.

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You can't really get two phone numbers on the same phone. But, you can get an extension phone number plus your regular phone number. Ask your phone service about an extension number for your phone.

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so-called 'celebrity' phone numbers are never available to the general public - to protect their privacy !

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Do you mean 'what are call books called?'. It is 'are' because 'the books' are plural! Is the answer you are looking for phone books or directories. These contain contact (phone) numbers of residents in a specific place.

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