What are the effects of pure molly?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Essentially it is the same as Ecstasy, without the negative side effects. Molly is pure MDMA, whereas Ecstasy is MDMA cut with coke, meth, dope, caffeine, or anything else imaginable. Molly does not have much of a "come down" but is far harder to locate pure that Ecstasy.

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Q: What are the effects of pure molly?
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How long does molly stay in your system?

3-5 days if it was pure molly

What is the difference between molly and tabs of ecstasy?

Molly is a more pure, organic version.

Is the drug molly the same as DMT?

No, "Molly" usually refers to a pure form of Ecstasy (XTC).

What is over the counter molly and where to buy?

Molly is nickname for pure (MDMA) ecstasy, you can't get it orc, only from a dealer.....

What are the ingredients in and extacy molly?

Pure MDMA. That's why it's in a capsule instead of a regular pill. Because pure MDMA can't be pressed.

Does molly have cocaine or any other drug?

That would depend on the specific nature of the test. Molly is an amphetamine; which is a pretty commonly abused class of drugs. Thus, molly will show up on most off-the-shelf drug tests.

What are the side effects of the drug molly?

Molly (MDMA) is an upper. It is usually white with a yellow tint. if it is pure white it means it is PKMDMA which is a rip off molly but will still make you roll; it just isn't as strong. Real molly will make you space out and not want to do anything depending on how much you take. It can also make you very anxiety ridden after you "roll". The best thing to do is to shut your eyes and lay down. You will not be able to go to sleep but you will still get rest. The next day you may feel amazing or you may feel sluggish; it all depends on how many times you've done it and your body chemistry. Extended use of molly or too much molly will deplete the seratonin in your brain and will make you very depressed. The rule of thumb is to wait one month between each roll to avoid any negative side effects.

What is the usual quantity for buying ecstasy?

pure extasy is called molly which is sold for around 200 a gram dealer prices, but this is not actually a bad deal bc a .05 of molly is enough for 5 beans

What are the effects of molly?

Molly can have different effects, depending on the type. Sometimes, it makes you very happy and very energetic and want to dance and just have a great time. Other times, it does all of those things but instead of wanting to dance you just want to chill out. Either way, it's great.

What kind of pill is in a clear capsule and a hard green substance inside?

Molly Sash MDMA pure ecstasy

Is molly meth?

No, Molly is an MDMA which is also considered one of the purest forms of ecstasy (in white shards only).

How can you tell if the MDMA or Molly you are buying is pure?

you cant. that is unless you destroy the pill in a lab determining its contents. in the end you must trust the chemist who made you hit.