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Some early signs of pregnancy can be: implantation bleeding; delay or difference in menstruation; swollen, tender breasts; fatigue/tiredness; nausea/morning sickness; backaches; headaches; frequent urination (that can also be a symptom of Diabetes or bladder infection); darkening of areolas (the dark area around the nipple); and food cravings. Not every pregnant woman will experience all of these symptoms. See the Related link below for more information.

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Q: What are the early signs when you are pregnant?
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How early can you experience signs of pregnant?

3 weeks

How do women know they are pregnant?

Some have early signs, but many do not have any signs at all. If your period is late, or if you suspect you are pregnant First Response Early Results can tell you as early as 6 days before your period is due. Good luck.

How long you will know if you are pregnant?

People start showing signs of pregnancy as early as two to three weeks.

Would there be any websites that could happen to help me find early pregnancy signs?

Being pregnant is a very exciting time. For some people the sooner you find out the better. I found the following link helpful in detecting the early pregnancy signs.

What are the typical signs of pregnancy during its early stages?

In a typical pregnancy, the signs you should watch out to see if you're pregnant or not is nausea and chronic vomiting because these are the basic signs females should watch out for.

What are the early signs of a multiple pregnancy?

There are no early signs of a multiple pregnancy. The only way to tell if you are going to have twins is when you have an ultra sound an the doctors office. You just have normal pregnancy symptoms, it isn't different in the early stages if you do happen to pregnant with more than one child.

Can a man knows when his partner is pregnant?

He can if he observes her to see if she's showing the early pregnancy signs: nausea and all that. Try googling "signs of pregnancy" and read what comes up. If she's doing some of them she may well be pregnant. Chances are, if she isn't vomiting and tired and eating more often, she isn't pregnant. Sometimes guys can get a gut feeling that their partners are pregnant.

What is the 2 weeks signs of pregnant?

There are no visual signs at that stage.

How different are menstrial signs and preg signs?

the signs are not very different, however when your pregnant the signs are worse.

Are tingly breasts and cramping early signs of pregnancy at day 12 of your cycle?

on day 12 of your cycle these symptoms are probably because you are ovulating, not pregnant

Why would a pregnant cat show signs of heat?

She will show signs of heat by rolling on the floor and tempting the tom. A pregnant cat will not show any of these signs.

What are signs a guy have when he get a girl pregnant?

He's not the one who gets the signs - she is.