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lots of horrible chemicals such as ammona is is window cleaner and a chemical that is in nail polish re over if you want to know the affects of smokeing type it in the question bar ok?

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Q: What are the different chemicals that are present in a cigarette?
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How many different chemicals does a cigarette have?

4000 different chemicals are in one cigarette

What is the chemical in a cigarette?

There are many different chemicals present in cigarettes but the drug Nicotine is what makes them addictive.

What chemicals in cigarette paper?

This paper is cellulose.

How many ingreidents are in a cigarette?

some brands are soaked in over 4000 different chemicals (marlboro)

How many chemicals are in cigarette smoke?

Some studies have found over 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke.

How many chemicals in a cigarette?

Over 4,000 chemicals in a cigarette and 51 of them give you more of a chance of getting cancer

How many chemicals are there in cigarettes?

There 4000+ known chemicals in a cigarette

How does the chemicals in cigarettes effect us?

There are many chemicals in cigarette which cause cancer such as mouth,Blindness and lodes.Smoking cigarette can cause you die more faster than non smoker. Different types of chemicals presents in cigarette.But the the major one is nicotine which make arterties narrower.

Where can you find the chemicals in a cigarette?

Is cigarette tobbaco the same tobbaco as in cigars?

No , tobacco in cigars is aged to bring out different flavors/tastes whereas cigarette tobacco is laced with a wide variety of chemicals .

What chemicals are harmful in cigarette smoke?

There are several hundred harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke. The most notable are probably tar and nicotine.

How many chemicals are produced by burning a cigarette?

4000 types of chemicals