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well cheese balls transfer the energy while chickens transfer the nutrients and so thats the major difference

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Q: What are the different between energy flow and nutrient cycle?
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Is solar energy important to the nutrient cycle?

Yes it is.

What nutrient can yield energy the quickest in the citric acid cycle?


How is a nutrient cycle different from a energy pyramid?

It all depends on the plants because plants give off energy to a organism and then that organism gives it to another organism and the process continues.

What is different between Krebs cycle and Calvin cycle?

Krebs involves energy. Calvin involves volts.

What chemicals flow in cycles from the nonliving environment to living things and back again?

Chemical processes cycle energy from the sun through living things in a process called photosynthesis. Only plants photosynthesize and they do this to make food for themselves and other organisms. They collect energy from the sun and use it, along with water and other nutrients by converting them to sugars.

What can be a sentence using the words water cycle carbon and nutrient cycle?

Water helps carbon and other elements to complete the nutrient cycle.

What is the role of the tree in the nutrient cycle?

you need oxygen to breath so that is how the nutrient cycle is important.

Why are you considered a part of food nutrient cycle?

they considered part of food nutrient cycle becausefood all living things need food

What food nutrients do the producers in the constructed food nutrient cycle contain?

the answer is the food nutrients si do with producers if the food is constructed of nutrient cycle?

What is a fundamental difference between the water cycle and other nutrient cycles?

Water cycle is the cycle that H2O molecules go through. The nitrogen cycle is the cycle that nitrogen goes through as it changes from nitrate to nitrite to ammonia, all by bacterias in the soil.

How does nutrient cycle in the arctic tundra?


How do human activities affect a nutrient cycle?

Human activities effect a nutrient cycle by increasing the amounts of nutrients in the cycle faster then natural biotic and abiotic processes can move them back to the stores.