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chinese had difrent customs and ways and worked 2gether. They found more gold coz they went throo old tailings and dumps thoroughly(fossickers). They also looked difrent and had long queues goin' down their backs. Euro miners called the colour of the chinese skin yelow

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Q: What are the differences between the chinese and european miners?
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Why did Chinese gold miners not like the European gold miners?

because they came from different countries? :/

What impact did the Chinese have on the European miners in 1850's?


How were the Chinese miners different to the Europeans?

Chinese miners were often hired specifically for their experience with mining and their perceived ability to work hard and efficiently. They faced discrimination and were paid lower wages than their European counterparts. Chinese miners also brought with them different mining techniques and cultural practices.

Why did European miners not like the Chinese miners?

They saw them as alien competitors who would potentially out-compete them, being prepared to work longer and harder with fewer amenities.

Why did Americans resent the Chinese miners?

Because Chinese miners often took over sites that Americans miners had abandoned.

Why did the mining unions refuse to help Chinese miners?

Chinese miners were willing to work for low wages. (Jerry)

What was the purpose of the Chinese exclusions Act?

It stopped Immigration by Chinese workers and miners for 10 years

What did the European miners wear?


Why did Americans resent Chinese miners?

Often the Chinese miners took over sites that Americans had abandoned because the easy-to-find gold was gone.

When did the Chinese miners go to the gold fields?

in 1853

What was the purpose of the Chinese exclusion?

It stopped Immigration by Chinese workers and miners for 10 years

What is the purpose of Chinese exclusion act?

stopped Chinese workers and miners for 10 yrs