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Pigs and Swine are the same thing

The pig is rated the fourth most intelligent animal.

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"Pig" is a colloquial term often used to refer to the domesticated animal raised for meat, while "swine" is a more technical term that encompasses all members of the pig family, including domesticated and wild pigs. In general usage, the terms are often interchangeable, but "swine" can also refer to wild pigs or boars.

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Q: What are the differences between pig and swine?
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What is diffarance between swine and pig?

They are the same thing. as you know the swine flu is going around so its allso a pig flu i think

What is another name for swine?

Another name for swine is hog or pig.

Where did swine flu emerge from?

Swine, is a type of pig, so the flu came from a pig

Synonym for pig?

Hog or Swine. (hog being a male pig, swine being female)

What is a mature swine?

a mature swine is a grown pig

Is the word swine an adjective?

No, Swine is not an adjective, it is a noun. Swine is a type of pig.

Is a pig abovine?

No, a cow is a bovine, a pig is a swine.

Is pig a swine?


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A word that begins with s for a pig?

A word for a pig is swine.

What is a hink pink for a pig's complaint?

swine whine

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