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Laboratory observation is in a laboratory and naturalistic observation is in the nature.

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2010-11-12 11:59:11
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Q: What are the differences between laboratory observation and naturalistic observation?
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What are the key differences between naturalistic drama and abstract (non naturalistic) drama?

The conventions

What is the difference between controlled and naturalistic observation?

The difference is that naturalistic observation is a research method, this technique involves observing subjects in their natural environment. It is usual used in situations where conducing a lab research is unrealistic, cost prohibitive, or would unduly affect the subject's behaviour. And controlled observations are studies that the situations are planned by the researcher, this type of observation may be carried out in a laboratory type situation and because variables are manipulated and said to be high in control.One difference between them is that controlled observation will be low in ecological validity compared to naturalistic observation, if the participants are aware that they are being studied they may behave differently.

What are some of the key similarities and differences between archival studies and naturalistic observation?

Observational research is where the researcher just observes the ongoing behavior of a subject. Archival studies is where the person goes out and interacts with the subjects and their behaviors.

What are three main differences between structured observation and participant observation?

participant is qualitative structured is quantitative

What is the difference between observation and experimentation?

In observation your watching it (Observing it) In experimantation your doing the experiment.

What is the similarities and differences between laboratory thermometer and clinical thermometer?

clinical is used by doctors while laboratory is used by scientists.

What is the differences between pipette and dropper?

Pipette is in a chemical laboratory a graduated instrument.

What is the difference between inspection and observation?

There are slight differences between the terms inspection and observation. Inspection is when a person takes a very close look at the details of something or someone. An observation is an opinion that is done from a distance.

What are the differences between scientific observation and ordinary observation?

Scientific observation has an objective and method. There will be an overall aim in the observation. A number of variables will be monitored and recorded. Situations will be controlled as to prevent unwanted interference in the data being recorded. There will be an overall conclusion drawn from the observation.

What are the significant differences between a Laboratory Assistant and a Laboratory Technician?

What are the significant differences between a laboratory assistant and a laboratory technician? The significant differences between a Laboratory assistants and laboratory technicians are types of work they perform and their level of education. Laboratory assistants generally hold associate degree and perform basic testing procedures and conduct fluid analysis in order to diagnose a patient. They also involves in quality control, data entry, filing, and database administration. Laboratory technicians carry out routine laboratory tests and perform a variety of technical support functions to help scientists, technologists and others with their work. They can work in research and development, scientific analysis and testing, education and manufacturing. Generally laboratory technicians hold higher degree than laboratory assitant.

Laboratory observation of reaction between silver nitrate and sodium bromide?

AgBr precipitates and in light decomposes to bromine and silver metal.

What are the significant differences between a laboratory and a laboratory technician?

A labratory is a building where scientific research is conducted. A labratory tech is someone who works in a lab doing research.

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