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The differences between harry and Hermione is that Harry is the male and Hermione is female and harry has got the scar from the voldemort and he is the chosen one ,but Hermione is just an school girl ;)

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Q: What are the differences between harry and Hermione?
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What chapter in book 7 has Harry kissing Hermione?

Answer: Harry Potter never kissed Hermione Granger. Ron, however, did. Answer: Harry Potter didn't kiss Hermione, but Ron and Harry saw a false vision (created by one of Voldemort's horcruxes), where Harry and Hermione did kiss.

Did Hermione want to kiss harry?

No, Hermione does not kiss Harry Potter, as she loves him as a brother.

Do Harry Potter and Hermione go out?

No, Emma Watson is not going out with Tom Felton. They are just good friends.

Which page of Harry Potter and the deahly hallows do Hermione Granger and Harry Potter kiss on in the us version?

Harry and Hermione never kiss in Deathly Hallows. The only kissing between them occurs when Hermione gives Harry a friendly good-bye kiss on the cheek in Goblet of Fire.

Is Hermione older then Harry Potter?

Hermione was born on 1979.09.19., Harry on 1980.07.31.

What happens between harry and Hermione in the last movie?

What do you mean? They don't fall in love if that's what your wondering. Harry goes for Ginny. And Ron and Hermione just have this awkward romance...

Is Harry a mudblood or Hermione is a mudblood?


Did Harry have a crush on Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

No, Harry never had a crush on Hermione.

Does any romance between harry and Hermione?

No i don't think so.........) No, Hermione loves Ron, while Harry loves Ron's sister Ginny. The only time there is any hint of romance between Harry and Hermione is an imaginary scene in the final book, when Ron is tormented by the horcrux. His own worst fears are given shape by this cursed object, and he imagines Harry and Hermione as lovers who have abandoned him. After he destroys the horcrux, Harry mentions that he and Hermione were both missing Ron so desperately that they could not cheer each other up or even find much to talk about. Then Ron knows that Harry and Hermione are just friends.

Is there love in the seventh Harry Potter movie?

yes between Ron and Hermione

What are the similiaraties between Harry and Hermione?

Intelligence, bravery, wit, determination, and motivation

Who is stronger Harry or Hermione?

Harry is both physically and mentally stronger than Hermione although Hermione is much more intelligent.