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its pretty self-explanitory. do they even look the same? NO! That first answer was kind of rude. The cheetah is the cat that is orange and can walk standing up and makes Cheetos (a delicious corn-based snack).

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Q: What are the differences between a cheetah and a person?
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What is main differences between lion tiger and cheetah?

their speed is fast

What is a person called that rides a cheetah or a cheetah carriage?

a cheetah jockey and a person that rides a cheetah carriage is called a cheetah rick, cheetah rickshaw,cheetah rickshaweror a cheetah rickshaw driver or a broccoli

What are the differences between polar bears and lions?

Cats and bears are very different. A polar bear and a cheetah are different colors and different sizes. A cheetah runs much faster than a polar bear.

What are individual differences?

Individual differences are the variations and differences that each person has and how they think and behave. These are what makes each individual different and they vary from person to person and include

Who would win a race between a cheetah and a dolphin?

The Cheetah,i think

How can differences in values between care worker and individuals family cause difficulties or dilemmas?

differences in values between care worker and child/ young person

What is the definition of Age Differences?

Age differences is the gap between two person. It is the range of the older person to the younger person. Basically, this is measurable by subtracting the lesser age from the larger age. - Shamgar

What is the difference between a king cheetah and a regular cheetah?

The king cheetah is simply a different color morph which has a combination of stripes and spots.

What is the name of the person on cheetos?

Chester Cheetah

What is the fastest animal or person in the world?

The cheetah.

Who would win in a race between a panther and a cheetah?

A cheetah, as it is the fastest of all land animals.

How tall is full grown cheetah?

A full grown cheetah can grow between 3-4ft