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The differences are


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Q: What are the differences between France and he UK at Christmas?
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Cultural differences between France and the UK?

the amount of people who are English that speak french which is ridiculous

The difference between UK and France?

France is cool, so i UK!

How do you say Merry Christmas in the UK?

The UK is a country, but it doesn't have its own language per say. Depending on what region of the UK you might say it with an accent or with slightly different vernacular, but on the whole, Merry Christmas would be fine.There are differences between American and British English but we both say Merry Christmas.

What ocean is between France and the UK?

The English Channel is between the UK and France. It is a sea, but it connects to the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the sea between UK and France called?

The body of water between the UK and France is called the English Channel.

What body of water lies between the United Kingdom and France?

The English Channel lies between the UK and France.

What is the similarities differences between UK and Indian?


What is the difference between the weather of Pakistan and UK what differences are there list them?

difference between the weather of pakistan and uk

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what are the differences btween the algerian and british educational system

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The UK is more richer than ghana.

Differences between US and UK?

Depending on where you are in america - between 5 & 8 hours behind UK time.

What is the time difference between the UK and France?

France is one hour ahead of the UK; 1000 in London is 1100 in Paris.

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