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Landslide and floods are different by that landslide is a disaster that slide the part of the land and floods is a disaster that carry the rocks and the mud by the force of the water.

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Q: What are the differences between Flood and landslide?
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What is the differences between landslide and mass wasting?

landslide is a type of mass wasting

What are the differences between flood and drought?

They are opposites to each other. A drought is no water, but a flood is too much.

What are some differences between glacier theories and bible accounts of the flood?


What is the differences between creep and a landslide?

one is water and the other is land

What are the differences between the 1927 flood and the hurricane Katrina flooding?

the Flood of 1927 took place in 1927 and hurrican Katrina took place in 2005

What are the differences between the Sumerian and Hebrew accounts of the great flood?

The Sumerian accounts (plural) are riddled with idolatry.

What are some negatives of cutting down trees?

it will cause soil erosion flash flood landslide

What is the Correct term For The Events Volcanic Eruption earthquake cyclone flood landslide and tsunami?

Natural disaster.

What are some differences between the glacier theories and Biblical accounts of the Flood?

Well first of all one is thousands of years apart from the other.

What are the main types of hazards?

6 main types of hazards in our world today are: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, tsunami, landslide/avalanche, droughts, flood

Can you give a list of natural disasters?

flood,earthquake,drought,famine,tornadoes,hurricane,volcanic eruptions,cyclone,landslide,tsunami,tide,e.t.c

What happen if the people cut many trees to build a houses?

if the people cut many trees they were affected because maybe it will caused a flash flood and landslide.