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corel draw is a vector based program used to make vector art. Adobes answer to corel draw is Adobe Illustrator. Corel is an older program, although still being produced, but not widely used because Adobe packages their programs. Adobe Photoshop is a pixel based program that uses small squares of color to make a picture. This is called the DPI (dots per inch). Vector programs dont work in DPI. Difference: You can make a vector art file as large as you want. A block of color is a block of color. You can take a 1 in by 1 in square and scale it to 1 ft by 1 ft and it will look exactly the same. In photoshop if you create a 1 in by 1 in square and scale it to 1 ft by 1 ft you get pixelation. Most logos are created as vector formats so they can be scaled to be small like a business card or large like on a billboard with no pixelation. You couldn't do that with a file created in photoshop. Biggest difference is artistic control. All the creative affects you see are done in photoshop. Corel doesnt have affects. But when you combine the powers of both you can have a nice looking billboard with a huge logo. hope this helps.

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Q: What are the differences between Corel Draw and Photoshop?
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How corel draw file open in adobe Photoshop?

save from Corel draw file as psd in order to be able to open it in Photoshop, photoshop doesnt support cdr files

What program is most often used with the intuos4 from wacom?

Corel Draw, Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. :)

What are examples of graphic packages?

adobe photoshop

Who are the competitiors for Adobe Photoshop?

GIMP is free version competitor, Corel Photo Paint which comes with Corel Draw, Corel Paint Shop Pro and many other trying to replace Photoshop for non professional users.

Differences between corel presentation and Microsoft power point?

Corep draw is used for designing images by the computer while Microsoft PowerPoint is used for the presentation of computer software packages

Is Photoshop worth it without the sketchpad?

off course,it is worth,if you attempting to draw with software then check Corel Painter it cost 1/10 of Photoshop

Is it possible to design your own emoticon?

get photoshop/ fireworks/ corel draw etc...use a (this is an estimate)15px x 15px canvas and just draw it.

Best computer configuration for graphics designing?

photoshop corel draw 3ds max after effects flash Premeiar maya

What is Corel draw x4 used for?

Corel draw x4 is a great computer program used for creating and editing photographic images. It is often compared to Photoshop, as it is very helpful for people looking for a great photo editing program.

What is the name of the Corel program that is used for photo editing?

The name of the Corel program that is used in photo editing is called Corel Draw or Corel Paintshop. Some other photo editing programs are: ACD Systems, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4, Apple Apeture 3.

What are the common types of graphics software?

Most popular graphic software's are Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop. Illustrator and Corel Draw are vector based and Photoshop is raster or bitmap based software although Photoshop have and significant capabilities to work with vector objects. Advantage of using vector objects is because you can resize them at any time without losing any quality.

Examples of graphic packages?

corell draw,photopaint

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