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Q: What are the differences between African and western music?
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Difference between Indian and western music?

There are quite a few differences between Indian and Western music. These differences include tonality, rhythm, and meter usage for example.

What are some of the differences between Western art music and Native American music?

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What is the difference between Africa music and western musics?

African music is grounded in rhythm and "the beat," whereas Western music is concentrated on the richness of harmonic composition.

Compare and contrast europeanwestern music to music of other cultures?

I am South African and I find African music to be more Rhythmic and feeling based, time signatures are sometimes ingored or complex. Most of the African music isn't recorded and is memorized. Western music is pretty much the opposite: There are time signitures, and the music is recorded. Of course, this is a generalization as different places in Africa will have different music and modern music is blurring the differences between styles of music.

What are the similarities and differences pf Asian and African poetry?

The Differences of Asian and African Poetry is:- the Asian Poetry is to be sung with music and guitar.- the African Poetry is to be sung with music and piano.The Similarities of Asian and African Poetry is:- they are the same that to be sung with instruments.

What influences African and western music have on Caribbean music?

the caribbean music is a great thing

Where would you hear west African music?

In the western part of Africa

What are the differences between Canadian and Japanese music?

have a different type of music

What composer combined African heritage with western classical music?

William grant still

What is the difference between African music and western music?

African music is as historically ancient, rich, and diverse as the continent itself. It is also portrays the culture of the musicians.African music is grounded in rhythm and "the beat," it relies heavily on percussion instruments of every variety, including xylophones, drums, and tone-producing instruments such as the mbira or "thumb piano." These instruments used in African music are locally made instruments made mostly from wood and hides and skin and other cultural pieces found in the African continent - whereas Western music is concentrated on the richness of harmonic composition. making use of a variant variety of instruments different from those used by their African Counterparts.. A qualitative range of Western Musical Instruments include Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Amplifiers, Mandolin, Violin and Drum Kits. All these instruments are made from superior quality acoustic material which enhances the sound quality. Most African music is passed down orally or aurally.. This is because the music is not written. Western music on the other hand is most times represented on staff and ledgers which ensures that a proper documentation is kept at all times. A written western music can be played by any performer anywhere in the world as long as he/she has a knowledge of reading music.. Same cannot be said for African music. African music is mostly played by Artist who have been trained in the handling of these instruments over time. Traditional African music is generally performed with functional intent in celebrations, festivals, and story-telling. This is done to enhance the African Culture.. Western music can be inspired indivually to create music that can be used to relax or for the pleasant listening of audience.. not necessarily in functions or celebrations.. The technique of call and response, in which musicians engage in a back and forth "dialogue" of musical phrases, is common among West African countries such as Ghana. Though In American music, this technique which has been sequel to African music can now be heard in some genres of blues and funk.

What is the origin of blues music?

Blues music originated in the Deep South of America in the African American communities in the late 19th century. It came from work songs, chants, field hollers, and shouts sung by the African-American slaves. The Blues scale (around which much blues music is based) contains a chromatic passing tone between the 4th and the 5th scale tones. This came from African singing, which has a tone between each half tone of Western music.

What is the differences between native music and folk music?

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