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Brook is a girls name

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Q: What are the difference between the brook and the man?
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What is the difference between men's and man's?

There are no difference in men's and man's . They are the same.

What is the difference between a pizza and a black man?

the difference is ( It is & He is )

What is the difference between a black man and a Mexican man?

Race vs. nationality. You are asking something like 'what is the difference between a white man and an English man'.

What is the Difference between green and white extacy?

The same difference between a black man, and a white man - Nothing besides the colour. The colour is used to tell the difference between pills.

Write some information about the poem THE BROOK?

In the poem "THE BROOK", Lord Alfred Tennyson has realistically drawn a parrallelism between the journey of the brook with the life of a man.The poet says as in the childhood, a child is very agile, energetic and lively ,the same way, the brook in the beginning stage of its life is very forceful and it keeps on flowing with a great rush and enthusiasm through out its life.It falls from great heights and meanders around the wavy path, and when it approaches the plains, it becomes very slow and continues to flow eternally.Like the brook, a man towards the end of his life, becomes slow in his moves and ultimately meets the horns of death.The only difference is that a man's journey comes to an end with death, but a brook flows and flows immortally!

What is the difference between humanity and mankind?


What is the difference between a man and a guy?


What is the difference between MAN and LAN?

man is a person lan is letters

What is the difference between Booker and man Booker prize?

The prize was originally known as the Booker-McConnell Prize, after the company Booker-McConnell began sponsoring the event in 1968; it became commonly known as the "Booker Prize" or simply "the Booker." When administration of the prize was transferred to the Booker Prize Foundation in 2002, the title sponsor became the investment company Man Group, which opted to retain "Booker" as part of the official title of the prize. The foundation is an independent registered charity funded by the entire profits of Booker Prize Trading Ltd., of which it is the sole shareholder.The prize money awarded with the Booker Prize was originally £21,000, and was subsequently raised to £50,000 in 2002 under the sponsorship of the Man Group, making it one of the world's richest literary prizes.The rules of the Booker changed in 1971; previously, it had been awarded retrospectively to books published prior to the year in which the award was given. In 1971 the year of eligibility was changed to the same as the year of the award; in effect, this meant that books published in 1970 were not considered for the Booker in either year. The Booker Prize Foundation announced in January 2010 the creation of a special award called the "Lost Man Booker Prize," with the winner chosen from a longlist of 22 novels published in 1970.

What is the difference between a judgment and a prediction?

The only difference is between a prediction made by a man and a prediction of God

What is the parallelism in brook?

PARALLEL WITH HUMAN LIFE:When the brook emerges from the mountains , its movement is very noisy and quick and it is very energetic. It is in a rush to achieve its goal of joining the overflowing river. Similarly, man in his youth is very lively, agile, energetic and active.The brook in its early stages is very fast and overcomes all the hurdles, hard objects, stones and pebbles in its journey. This can be compared to man in his youth who is enthusiastic and can strive and accept all the challenges that come in his way.During the journey, the brook takes along with it silt, gravel, blossoms and fish. Similarly man also takes away different people he comes across along with him, in some way, to accompany him ahead in the journey of life.When the brook comes closer to the river, its movement becomes slow and smooth, which can be compared to man in his old age, who becomes very calm, gentle, soft and lethargic.The difference between the two is that the brook is eternal and keeps flowing on forever, while man reaches his final destination after his old age by meeting the horns of death.

What is the difference between the fastest man and the fastest woman?

Over 100m the time difference between word records is 0.91s. Between the current fastest man and fastest woman it is 1.06s.