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tacit knowlege is knowlege of experience and explicit if knowlege of rationality

Tacit knowledge is the knowing of things without knowing how you know; explicit knowledge is the knowing of things that you can explain. For example, most people can speak grammatically without being able to explain the rules of grammar. This is Tacit knowledge. Explicit knowledge is that answer to 2X2.

In Project Management, Tacit Knowledge is the knowledge your co-worker knows, but isn't codified or written down; while Explicit Knowledge deals with knowledge that is written down and structured. For example, your co-worker knows how to fix Word when it chokes on an important document; but she is the only one. This is the Tacit Knowledge that Project Management tries to root out and codify. Once that knowledge is written down and saved somewhere it becomes explicit.

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Q: What are the difference between tacit and explicit knowledge?
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Tacit Knowledge : It is intuition driven knowledge and is almost very difficult to express through writing or is complex practical kowledge and it can only be implied. Ex. -1- Knowlege required for face recognition 2-knowledge pertaining to machines Implicit knowledge : It is like tacit knowledge, but differs, as it comprise a part of knowledge which is well communicable or transferable. means, Implicit knowledge = A Part of tacit Knowledge +A part of Explicit Knowledge. Ex. forcasting a risk here, one uses, risk heuristics (well stated and transferable) in addition to his tacit knowledge. Try yourself that, What should be explicit knowledge. Govind Singh KIIT

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What is the difference between express and tacit consent?

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There are three types of knowledge namely: explicit knowledge, tacit knowledge, and embedded knowledge. Knowledge refers to the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning.

Meaning of tacit?

"Tacit" means conveyed without explicit expression, i.e., "implied."

What are the two types of persuasion?

tacit approach and explicit approach

describe the ways knowledge is converted between explicit and tacit forms in Nonaka’s model.?

individuals transcends the inners and outer boundaries of self. during the knowledge creation process individuals commits the the group thus becoming one with the group

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Knowledge management deals with all the knowledge assets of the organization. It encompasses knowledge held at the individual and organizational level, and includes both useful and obsolete knowledge (i.e. knowledge that needs to be used/shared and knowledge that should be removed/changed). There are many ways to classify knowledge. A very common one is to make the distinction between explicit/codified knowledge and tacit/uncodified knowledge.

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Definitely in scope - all management structures and systems related to knowledge (both tacit and explicit) within an organisation Sometimes considered to be in scope (but should be considered as records management) - all management structures and systems related to records within an organisation

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Knowledge needs to be codified and written down rather than tacit and hidden inside the heads of our staff

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