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Actually plantation shutters and interior shutters are the same thing but there are several different kinds . the traditional shutters were and still are made of wood . But you can also buy shutters made of a composite material on the inside and it will have a vinyl coating . then you have the Poly core shutters , this is made from a solid PVC material, and they are completely water proof. Hope this helps.

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2013-11-07 03:18:56
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Q: What are the difference between plantation shutters and interior shutters?
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Window shutters are solid and stable window coverings that can be used on the interior or exterior of a window. They usually consist of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails with louvers that are operable or fixed. The louvers can be set vertically or horizontally and are made of solid panels, fabric, glass or any material that can be mounted within a frame. On the interior they are used for décor, privacy or to keep sunlight out. On the exterior, more sturdy shutters are used to protect windows and doors against the effects of high winds, rain and flying objects during storms. Exterior window shutters are also used to enhance the aesthetics of buildings. Some exterior shutters are permanently placed on windows. These permanently installed shutters should be attractive and designed for easy opening and closing. They are more convenient that external shutters that are designed to be installed when there are storm threats and removed for storage following the storm. Fiberglass is a favorite material for the making of external shutters, because it is not prone to rotting or twisting and is dimensionally stable with low expansion and contraction. Its strength is comparable to aluminum, but it does not suffer from corrosion and electrolysis. Beautiful external shutters can be made from aluminum, iron or fiberglass to complement the design of any house. Interior shutters are designed for decoration and privacy, or to keep sunlight out. They can be made of any type of materials that will allow the shutters to perform these functions. The design and color chosen for interior window shutters should complement the furniture in the room. Interior window shutters with basic wood finishes will go along with any type of furniture and are durable as well. Be creative and design your own interior window shutters to go along with your décor.

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