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The horizontal is half of the vertical and the intersection point is half the horizontal down the vertical.

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Q: What are the correct proportions of a cross?
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How do you name the cross products of proportions?

They are other proportions.

How can proportions be used in a sentence?

They made sure the profits were divided in the correct proportions.

How do you use proportions using cross multiplication to find 2.80?

2.80 is 2.80: you do not need to ise proportions or anything to "find" it!

What is the correct term for cross multiplication?

Cross multiplication IS the correct term!

What is the answer to with correct proportions in the Times Jumbo crossword on Saturday 4th April?

In perspective

How do you find proportions set equal to 2.80 using cross multiplication?

x/y= 2.8

How do you figure out proportions?

you use cross proportions. Ex: X 3 __________ = _______ 15 5 1. write the cross products 2. Multiply 5x=45 3. Think: What number times 5 equals 45? your answer is 9 OTHER: X=9

Why do math proportions work?

because if you compare it to 100% or 100 it will give you the correct answer to your problem.

What is the Means-Extremes Product Property of Proportions?

The means-extreme property of proportions is the method that allows you to cross multiply an equation to find the answer. An example would be, if a/b = c/d then ad = bc.

A helpful divice for predicting the proportions of possible genotypes?

The correct answer would be...... Punnet Square! =) Enjoy

Does a skeleton equation show the correct formulas of the reactants and products?

A skeleton equation has all the correct reactants and products but it does not have the coefficients that indicate the stoichiometric proportions.

How do you find central angle?

You find central angle by using proportions. Part/Whole = x/360 Then, cross multiply and divide.