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a baby

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Q: What are the concequences of teen pregnancy?
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What ideas could you put into an essay about teenage responsibility?

School (education) Abstinence-You could mention the concequences about sex such as teen pregnancy, HIV and STIs. Home Responsibilities Goals

What is a thesis statement for teen pregnancy?

You can write about how to prevent teen pregnancy. Or what causes teen pregnancy. Talking about the right form of education to prevent teen pregnancy will work as well.

What are the roles teen parents face?

Teen Pregnancy

How teen pregnancy can be improved?

Teen pregnancy can be improved my spreading awareness. Telling your friends about how to have safe sex is a great way to prevent teen pregnancy. Knowing the facts about sex and how to not get pregnant.

Is there a cheat for sims life stories for teen pregnancy?

In sims life stories there is no cheat for teen pregnancy.

What is the teen pregnancy rate?

The teen pregnancy rate for the U.S.A is 22 pregnancies out of every 1,000 girls.

What are the main cause for a teen becoming emancipated?

teen pregnancy

How did teen pregnancy start?

a teen couple had sex without protection

What is thE negative effect of teen age pregnancy?

Teen age mothers.

What is the youngest teen pregnancy in the us?

I was reading about this and the answer is 10.But don't try to beat that. Teen Pregnancy sucks. Believe me i know.

What actors and actresses appeared in Teen Pregnancy - 2010?

The cast of Teen Pregnancy - 2010 includes: Ben McNamara as Craig

Is teen pregnancy a national issue?

Yes, teen pregnancy is a national issue because it has people and people are apart of this nation.

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