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i have an iud for over 30 years i had an ultisound and they found it the string was not there

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2013-01-17 02:19:48
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Q: What are the complications of misplaced IUD?
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What are the complications of an IUD?

According to one online article, the IUD regardless of what type has some complications or side effects, which may be hazardous to the woman.

What are the most common IUD complications?

There are many complications one might have when using an IUD. One such complication would be the risk for internal bleeding or discomfort at the placement.

Has anyone carried a baby to full term with an IUD?

Yes, some women have carried a baby to full term with an IUD. The risk of complications is great, however, and so removal of the IUD is the normal course of affairs. If removal is not possible, the woman must be followed closely during her pregnancy.

How will you know if the copper t is in the cervix and not in the uterus?

If the IUD is misplaced in the cervix, you may have cramping, irregular bleeding, painful intercourse, or bleeding after sex. In addition, you will likely notice the strings are longer than they used to be. You may even feel a bit of the IUD protruding from the opening of the cervix.

How to use misplaced in a sentence?

Do not misplaced your thing

Can a IUD cause yeast infections or other complications?

An IUD well know as an Intrauterine Device should not cause a yeast infection for it is specifically meant for the inner body which means it is clean and safe to be inside your vagina. About complications, it does have quite a number of them and it would be wise if you researched well about it before you choose it (that is if you don't have it yet). These are just some of the complications you might get:-Mood changesAcneHeadachesBreast tendernessPelvic pain and (infections; if u have more than one partner)CrampingIncreased bleeding during menstruationNausea

What is the differnec between a copper IUD and a multi load IUD?

A Multiload IUD is a copper IUD.

Proper spelling of misplaced?

The proper spelling of misplaced is "misplaced". It means to put something in a wrong position.

What is the prefix for the word misplaced?

The prefix in the word misplaced is mis-.

Why is monogamy a requirement for placement of an IUD?

Monogamy is not necessarily a "requirement" for placement of an IUD. However, it is VERY highly recommended that you be in a monogamous relationship, as IUDs do not offer protection from STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), and complication rates increase DRAMATICALLY in the event a woman contracts an STD with an IUD in place. These complications can include pelvic inflammatory disease, scarring, and infertility to name a few. If you have an IUD and have multiple sexual partners, you will additionally need to use condoms to protect from STDs.

Can you make a sentence using the word misplaced?

I can give you several sentences.Have you misplaced your report again?The misplaced luggage finally turned up in Chicago.He felt misplaced in the formal party.

Is misplaced an adverb?

Misplaced is not an adverb, no.Misplaced is actually a verb.

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