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Some of the characters are Turtle Wexler, Sam Westing, Sandy McSouthers, Judge Ford, Crow, Otis Amber.

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Q: What are the characters of westing game?
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What was the flower in The Westing Game?

The flower in The Westing Game is a chrysanthemum. It plays a significant role in the story and is associated with one of the characters.

How many characters did Sam Westing play in the westing game?

Westing is originally Sam "Windy" Windkloppel, than he changes his name to Sam Westing, than throughout the story he is Sandy McSouthers, Barny Northrup, Julian R. Eastman

in the westing game What is the alibi?

In "The Westing Game," the alibi is a key clue that helps the characters discover the identity of the mysterious Samuel W. Westing. The alibi involves a timed event that proves where certain characters were at a particular time, leading to important revelations about the game and its players.

Who is telling the story in the westing game?

The story in "The Westing Game" is told through a third-person omniscient narrator who has insight into the thoughts and perspectives of multiple characters in the story.

Where did all the clues come from in the westing game?

The clues in "The Westing Game" came from Sam Westing, the eccentric millionaire who set up the game as part of his will. Throughout the book, the characters uncover the clues left by Westing in order to unravel the mystery and win the game.

How was the game revealed the westing game?

"The Westing Game" was revealed as a mystery novel written by Ellen Raskin. It was first published in 1978 and follows the story of a fictional game created by the millionaire Samuel W. Westing. The game involves a diverse group of characters who must solve Westing's murder in order to inherit his fortune.

What can you conclude about the characters change in position in chapter 23 of the westing game?

In Chapter 23 of "The Westing Game," the characters' positions change as new information about the inheritance and Samuel Westing's identity is revealed. This leads to shifts in alliances, motivations, and suspicions among the heirs, altering the dynamics of the game. The changing positions create tension and uncertainty as the characters navigate the final stages of the mystery.

What does the reader know that grace does not know in the westing game?

In "The Westing Game," the reader knows the true identities and motives of the characters involved in the Westing game mystery, as well as the solution to the puzzle. Grace, one of the characters in the story, is not privy to this information and is playing the game along with the other heirs, trying to uncover the truth.

What was shocking about part 2 of the will in the westing game?

In part 2 of The Westing Game, it is revealed that the sixteen Westing heirs are paired up to play a mysterious game to determine the heir who will inherit the Westing fortune. This revelation shocks the characters in the story as they must navigate the game's challenges and puzzles to uncover the truth behind the Westing fortune and their connections to each other.

What characters have a motive to kill Sam WEsting in the Westing GAme?

In "The Westing Game," several characters have motives to kill Sam Westing. These include his ex-wife, his ex-partner, and heirs who stand to gain from his death. The story revolves around unraveling the mystery of who among the heirs is the true culprit.

How do money power and greed affect the characters of the westing game?

In "The Westing Game," money power and greed motivate characters to act in unexpected ways as they compete for the Westing fortune. Characters like the heirs and tenants become consumed by greed, leading them to make choices that reveal their true nature. Ultimately, these themes drive the plot forward as characters navigate their relationships and alliances in pursuit of the inheritance.

Which team was a good match up in the westing game?

Sunset Towers and the Westing team were considered a good match up in "The Westing Game." Both teams were made up of diverse and interesting characters, which created a suspenseful and engaging competition in the story.