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There are a number of potential benefits to using maple hardwood flooring. It is exceptionally strong and difficult to damage, it is easy to maintain and looks beautiful.

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Q: What are the benefits of going with maple hardwood flooring?
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What kinds of hardwood flooring are available?

You can purchase solid hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring. There are many wood species you can purchase in both types of harwood flooring. Some of the most popular are Tigerwood, Oak, Maple, and Cork.

What type of fastener is used for maple hardwood flooring?

Flooring staple (3/8 inch crown, 2 inch legs) or flooring cleat (2 inch)

What is the name and color of the flooring in the abercrombie and fitch stores?

Tarkett engineered hardwood. The color is Maple Espresso. 3" planks

What are the Types of hardwood flooring?

Hi, types of hardwood flooring are: Laminate Flooring. Solid Hardwood Flooring. Composite Wooden Flooring. Parquet Flooring. Bamboo Flooring. Cork Flooring. You can check this website Symphony International which provides the best wooden flooring in the market. They are passionate to deliver our customers a satisfying experience from the moment they visit Symphony’s exclusive wooden flooring Address. Krishna House, Ground Floor, Raghuvanshi Estate, Tulsi Pipe Rd, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013, India. Contact Number. +91 8879250089

What types of hardwood flooring are the best to use in a kitchen?

The best type of hardwood flooring to use in your kitchen are ones with a good sealent, or advertised as engineered. Also since the kitchen has high traffic, hard woods like ask, maple, cherry, mahagony or oak would be best.

Is maple a soft or hardwood?

Hardwood- it is deciduous

Is Canadian maple a softwood or hardwood?


Is Bamboo flooring as durable as hardwood flooring?

Bamboo can be as durable as hardwood - Hardwood Flooring has many more options on the Janka Hardness chart though. For example Carbonized bamboo (1180 on the Janka chart) doesn't come near Maple ( Janka rating = 1450) and bamboo doesn't come near Ipe, the most durable hardwood in the world. Some bamboo floors are more durable than others (Teragren uses bamboo that has been matured for 5+years making it stronger) also if you decide to install bamboo make sure you keep the adhesive eco friendly as well.... you can really ruin the "going Green" aspect of bamboo flooring with the wrong adhesive!

How do you know if the floors in your house are hardwood?

Nowadays, "hardwood" is a generic term used for any type of wood flooring. Woods such as pine are considered soft woods but are still used as "hardwood" flooring. In my experience any floor that has finished wood covering the surface is a hardwood floor. The term is used more loosely today. 50 years ago, a "hardwood" floor meant maple, in almost all cases. Today, man-made laminate "wood" might be called a "hardwood" floor, but flooring that is actual pieces of wood will almost always be called a "hardwood" floor. The "finish" floor in most construction nowadays is plywood. The flooring - wood, vinyl, carpeting, whatever - is put down over that.

Is a maple a hardwood?


How do you get a dark stain off from maple hardwood flooring caused from a bag of vegetables that went bad and sat there a while?

looks like the only way to get the stain out is to sand and finish the are

What types of wood are used to make furniture?

Any wood considered to be hardwood works well. Some examples are Oak, Mahogany, Maple, Cherry. Think flooring woods.