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Venice is flawless.

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Q: What are the bad things about Venice?
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What is the major industry in Venice?

Venice is good at several things

How were Jewish people treated in Venice?

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Why is approach to Venice surprising?

.There is a bad smell from a factory.

Why is the approach to Venice surprising?

.There is a bad smell from a factory.

Does Venice smell?

Yes. There is a lot of stagnant water in the canals that are strewn about Venice, so there is a distinct smell to the city. Whether or not this smell is a "bad" thing is up to you. I like the personality that it gives to Venice.

How long from Venice Florida to Orlando Florida?

2 and a half hours, not bad!

What does the Carnival of Venice represent?

The Carnival of Venice represents a number of things. This could represent chaos, fun, entertainment, and just a lot going on.

Where can you see a gondola?

Venice. Venice.

What is bad kharma?

When you do bad things, bad things will happen to you (you will get bad Karma)

Do bad things get bad things?

no way

What are things to do in Venice?

there's loads of things. Gondala rides, go in the doges palace and St. Marks bassilica, up the many towers with amazing views. Boat to other islands around the city. All of Venice is beautiful

Is The Merchant of Venice a tragedy?

Plays are categorised as either a comedy (made to make people laugh) or a tragedy (the equivalent of a soap Opera); a tragedy is a play where bad things happen to the main characters, but in this case are resolved pleasantly for them.