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These are the answers to "The Impossible Test" which is an app for the iPhone and iPod (touch screen). This is not "The Impossible Quiz, an internet game.

  1. Touch the red circle
  2. Tap the angry face 5 times
  3. Tap all the grey ninja stars, careful to not touch anything else
  4. Touch the button that has an "N" on it
  5. Touch the top right cloud
  6. Don't touch anything; there is no green drop
  7. Pop the baloons from right to left
  8. Drag the bubble to the right box (it's a rectangle, not a square)
  9. Tap the money from 5 (top right), 25, 10, and other 5
  10. Tap the bottom left fish (has an eyebrow)
  11. Press continue
  12. Tap the bottom right blue square
  13. Drag the earth and the other planet to the little white hole in the middle of the big black hole.
  14. Touch the WORDS orange, green, blue, and red (not the circles)
  15. Drag the saw up and down on the wood (to pick up the saw must hold the handle)
  16. Touch the bluish square (it's a rotated diamond)
  17. Drag the penguin to the side and then an egg will appear touch it
  18. Drag the "!" from the sentence "Complete the sentence!" down to the end of the sentence "This game contains three secrets, look for all of them" (the sentence isn't complete without punctuation)
  19. Turn the iPhone or iTouch upside-down
  20. Tap the green, yellow, and red light. But be careful; they switch positions after you hit the yellow light
  21. Drag the blue guy and hit the button that says secret #2 then hit CONTINUE
  22. Press continue
  23. Tap the red ninja stars (watch the double negatives)
  24. Let the bucket fill; make sure your iPhone or iTouch is rightside up
  25. Touch all the targets
  27. Follow directions; be careful about judging which balloon is lower
  28. Press the button with the "S" on it QUICKLY
  29. Drag the Chocolate Chips into there spots starting with one all the way up to four
  30. Touch the buttons in this order: green, orange, red, then blue. Remember the order because the directions disappear
  31. Touch the bottom right fish (see the reflection on the top bubble)
  32. shake the iPhone or iTouch left to right
  34. Tap the mad face (FAST) till it disappears
  35. Tap the 25, 25, 5, 10, 10
  36. Tap the top right set of eyes
  37. Tap the targets in this order: 5,4,3,2,1
  38. Tap the fifth spiral down on the left side of the "paper"/background of the game
  39. DON'T TAP THE LIGHTBULB - it flashes 11 times
  40. Touch the red then blue then yellow colored balloons
  41. Touch all four candles at once
  42. Drag the words "the electric coil" and then press continue
  43. Touch the green circle
  45. Tap the word "continue" in the sentence at the top
  46. Move the white light bulb and drag the bottom yellow light bulb into the square
  48. Touch the red X
  49. Drag the UFO over to the second to last person on the right and beam them up
  50. Drag the bottom key to the lock
  51. Touch the heart, the word "clubs", the word "diamonds", and then the spade
  52. Tap "talk"
  53. Tap around the right edge
  54. Shake your iPhone or iTouch repeatedly
  55. Touch the ice on the left
  56. Touch the first one on the left
  57. Press continue
  58. Make your iPhone or iTouch right-side up so the negative side is on the top
  59. 220
  60. Move the green face, the purple face, and the text
  61. Touch the top dial of the TV
  62. Tap the weight enough so it is clear of the "continue" button. Touch it when it's clear
  63. Type "bananas"
  64. Rotate your iPhone or iTouch
  65. Tap the whole Pizza 5 times
  66. Wait until the STOP disappears and hit GO
  67. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet
  68. 6
  69. Hit continue at the top right (you didn't actually fail!)
  70. Disconnect the right cherry from the left by pulling it away, then tap the left cherry
  71. Drag the envelope to the right side of the dash, then drag the "e" from "e-mail" to the left side of the dash
  72. Bottom Bun, Patty, Ketchup, Lettuce, Tomato, Top Bum
  73. Keep the ball between the two double lines for 5 seconds by holding it still
  74. Remove the "ork" part of "spork", leaving "spoon". Tap "spoon", then tap the fork
  76. Blue lollipop, Pink lollipop, Purple lollipop, Red lollipop
  77. Drag the light yellow cover off, then drag the battery out
  78. Turn the knob on top 3 times until the light turns green, then press the button to take the picture
  79. Shake your phone
  80. Touch the word "defend", then drag the metal box to where the sword is coming
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Q: What are the answers to the Impossible Test for the iPhone?
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