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1. Cobra

2. D1am0nd

3. Sph1nx

4. Sc0rp10n

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Q: What are the LEGO pharaoh's quest codes?
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When is Lego pharaohs quest coming out in England?


What is the code for the fifth level for Lego pharaohs quest?


What is the best type of Lego brand?

Ninjago and Pharaohs Quest are tyed

What is the code to unlock the sixth level of Lego pharaohs quest?


What is the code for Lego pharaohs quest game level four?

d1am0nd and the sph1nx

What are the Lego curse of the pharaohs codes?

The code for the third level is COBRA

Where are Lego Ninjago codes?

on the totem when you start a quest

What are all the cheat codes for pharaohs quest?

1.cobra 2.d1am0nd 3.sph1nx 4.sc0rp10n

What are the cheat codes to Lego quest for R2D2?

Dualsaber, greensaber, triplejump, darkforce, bigheads, redclonehelmet and clonehelmet

How do you get cheat codes for Lego Star Wars the quest for R2-D2?

redsaber duelsaber clonehelmet redclonehelmet darkforce

Is Lego pharaohs quest coming out in Australia?

It is already out but only in Big W and they only have the Scarab Attack 7305, Flying Mummy Attack 7307 and the Scorpion Pyramid 7327.

On my LEGO network how do you get bio codes?

LEGO newsletter and the Lego magazine.