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Words that describe people who oppose equality for gay people depend on the situation. Here are some options:

  • scared
  • traditional
  • conservative
  • fundamentalist
  • homophobic

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Q: What are some words for people who are against gay people?
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Is prejudice against gay people called racism?

No. Gay people are not a race. Prejudice against gay people is called homophobia.

Can gay people become president?

There is no law against it and some openly gay people have served in Congress. No one can say what the future will bring.

Who has a Bias against gay people?

Homophobes (bigots who target gay people).

Why did God discriminate against gay people?

God doesn't discriminate against Gay people, but a lot of God's followers do.

Why do people go to jail if they were gay?

Homosexual acts were against the law. They still are in some countries.

Why are some people against gay relationships?

Because they're not used to it,religion, intolerant etc.

Is some people gay?

Yes, some people are gay.

What causes gay adoption to be a problem?

There are no problems specific to gay adoption that aren't also present in adoptions by straight people, other than state-sanctioned discrimination against the gay couple (or person) trying to adopt. In other words, gay people become the same good adoptive parents as straight people do.

Why aren't there any gay couples in cartoons is there some law that's against that?

There is no law against it, and there have been gay people in cartoons, many of whom have had partners or who dated. See related links for a list of gay cartoon characters.

What are some reasons against gay people?

homophobia. scared of what's considered "different" from what they perceive as "normal".

What do you call discrimination against gay people?

Homophobia, which originally mean "fear of gay people" but today has come to mean any acts of discrimination against gay people.

What is discrimination against gay people called?


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