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I am trying to look up some websites for the same thing.. so far all the ones i have found are not good at all.. or you have to pay a monthly fee. and i didn't think you would want that... so i will keep trying for you ... i am sorry.. no help.. ));

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15y ago
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you can go to addictinggames OR gamesgames to find really fun games and you are BOUND to find a house buildong game somewhere in those websites both have free games

I would recommend gamesgames since there are catagories on the left side

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10y ago

If you are interested in a Build a House game, check out some of the free online game websites, such as Agame, Planet Oz Kids, Igirlgames and Games Jockey. These websites have different types of building games that you may enjoy.

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Q: What are some websites where you can build a virtual house?
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