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nano sized objects can help people and things live so the person who put "idk:P" can just stay stupid

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Q: What are some uses for nano size objects?
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What is nano mathematics?

que es nanocombustion

Who uses caliper?

Calipers are used to measure objects. They are used by machinists who make objects from metal that must meet size standards. They are also used by carpenters to measure things like the diameter of a rod.

How does Garmin Fishfinders work?

The Garmin brand of Fishfinders uses sonar and with its dual-beam transducers, will show you objects moving below the boat. There is a grayscale image draw of the objects relative size and tells you where they are.

What material does a 3D Printer use to make objects?

Some of the materials that a 3D printer uses to make objects include plastics, resins and metals.

Why do you see objects as upright and the same size although the image formed on the retina are upside down and diminished?

Because the brain knows to make them the other way up, and it uses perspective to get it the right (ish) size.

What is nano programming and uses?

Nano programming is a set of programs that execute small specific processes, such as turning logic blocks on and off. It is used in micro processors.

What is the difference between apple iPod nano third generato and iPod Classic 80gb?

iPod nano 3rd generation comes in 4 and 8 gigabyte versions. They hold 1000-2,000 songs. Nano can play videos, podcasts, video podcasts, music (of course), and photos, as well as some games made for the nano. The nano uses flash memory unlike the larger iPod classic which uses an 80 GB hard drive. The iPod classic can hold up to 20,000 songs, videos, podcasts, photos, games etc. and has an identical user interface. The classic is larger and so is the screen. There is a newer version of the classic now with updated software on Apple's website. It is 120 GB with updated software. The ipod classic is more fragil then the nano. If you drop the nano, so what but the classic may break.

What are some good uses for the Titan flexible pickup tool?

The Titan f;exible pickup tool can be used for the retrieval of obstructed objects, or small objects in hard to reach areas.

How is linear perspective different from atmospheric perspective?

Linear perspective is about the size and proportions of objects represented in a piece. Atmospheric perspective is about the clarity and detail of these objects. Most art that tries to replicate 3-dimensional scenes in 2-dimensions uses both.

What are the specific uses of a telescope?

Studying of astronomic objects.

What is technology that uses echoes to locate objects?


What is an instrument that uses combination of lenses to produce enlarged images of tiny objects?

An instrument that uses a combination of lenses to produce enlarged images of tiny objects is a microscope.