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A koi fish represents perseverance through adversity. Folklore has it that a koi fish will swim upstream and upon completing its journey, transforms into a beautiful dragon.

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Q: What are some tattoos that symbolize overcoming adversity?
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What is overcoming adversity?

Overcoming adversity means getting past something that poses an obstacle to your goal. Some adversities people have to work to overcome are poverty, learning disabilities, and racial discrimination.

What is Symbolism of broken chain tattoo?

It is a symbol of breaking free from some type of stronghold or overcoming adversity.

What tattoos symbolize struggles?

There are many different symbols that represent overcoming struggles, which might be used as tattoo designs. Some of these symbols include a closed fist, a blossoming flower, or religious icons.

What are some tattoos that symbolize new beginning?

A Butterfly

What does a rosary tattoo symbolize?

some Catholics get rosary tattoos for religious reasons.

What tattoo symbolizes adventure?

There are many tattoos that symbolize adventure. Some of these tattoos are of airplanes, compasses, city scapes, landmarks, and maps.

Why people get tattoos?

Many people get tattoos because they may symbolize something that is special or important to them. Some people get tattoos because they like some of the cool designs. I have a tattoo of my initials on my wrist.

What tattoos symbolize trust?

There are numerous tattoos that a person could get which would symbolize the concept of trust. Some of these designs might include shaking hands, the word 'trust' written in Chinese or Arabic, or a lit candle.

Which tattoos symbolize fertility?

There are numerous tattoos which are representative of the concept of fertility. Some examples of fertility symbols that would make good tattoos include toadstools, pomegranates, and lotus blossoms.

What tattoo would symbolize respect?

There are several tattoos that symbolize the word respect. Some images include the Chinese dragon, a lion, a hawk or eagle.

What are some tattoos that symbolize bravery?

The person wearing the tattoo decides what it means. For some it is their military crest or some special quote.

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For some people who cook drugs for a living there is a site called "the hive" and it's a site or forum for drug cooks so some drug cooks in the manufacturing Bussiness have bee tattoos that represent the hive

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