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Please invest in the FDA approved sea salt spray H2Ocean, which keeps it's contents sterile as well. oh and also promotes healthy white blood cells to create new skin fast.

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Q: What are some stuff you can clean your belly button with?
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What is some basic information about belly button piercing?

A belly button piercing can be a lot of fun, but it must be kept absolutely clean. It is a piercing that is easily infected, and when it does get infected, it's pretty bad. After getting pierced, clean the area twice a day (as well as after the shower, after swimming in the beach, etc). Also know that after the belly button ring is removed, there will be a small scar that can stretch (permanently) during pregnancy.

Is there some thing called belly button?

Yes. "Belly button" is another name for a person's naval.

Does guys like when girl have a belly button?

Yes, there are some guys who love the girls who have the belly button.

What is a belly button killer?

A belly button killer is defined as ejaculation. In some countries the process of ejaculation into the belly button is considered against religious beliefs. Therefore, they consider the ejaculation to be killing it.

Is your bellybutton ticklish?

If you are ticklish yes. It really depends on the person.

What kind of jewelry is required for belly button piercing?

Belly button rings. If you look at your local jewllers, they should have some in stock for you to look at:).

How safe is it to have your belly button pierced?

having your belly button pieced is simple its like having your ears pieced ,but if you were to have it done get it done professionally , rather than some were that doesn't clean the equipment , and its completely safe iv had mine done for nearly a year now and it got infected (N) , as long as you clean it and take care of it you have no worries (: hope this helps x

Do all people have a belly button?

Almost everyone has a belly button, but due to certain factors, there are some who may not have one. Most of the time, if you donโ€™t have a belly button, itโ€™s related to a surgery or a medical condition you had when you were younger.

Can some people not have a belly button?

no because when your in your mothers stomach your umbilical cord feeds you and and when you come out they cut it and in a few days yous get a belly button

When does a pregnant woman's belly button start to stick out?

That very much depends on your body/belly button type, how big you get and when you 'pop'. Some women have their belly buttons pop out as early as 14 weeks! Some women don't have it happen until their third trimester. It also changes; your belly button can pop a bit, and then kind of even out with your belly not seem as big since the belly is huge.

Is a Malay teen girls have an outie belly button?

Yes they have. But its very rare and very hard to find a Malay girls with an outie belly button. Mostly Malay girls have an outie belly button is very slim, long black hair and good looking face. But some of them don't have an outie belly button. That's all I know. Because that time when I and my Malay friends go to the beach and have a picnic, I saw some of the my friend (a Malay girl) very clearly that her belly button is an outie belly button just in front of me when she chatting to me about something like a entertainment topic. And at the very same time, she wearing a bikini too. No, I'm serious. So... to be honest, its quite rare actually.Note:Meaning of Outie Belly Button - Outie Belly Button means that the person belly button is going out permanently.

Can you make your belly button pop out?

It is possible. I can do it by pushing down on both sides of my belly button. I can't get it to stay out without tying it up, but some people can.