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Q: What are some songs about loving someone too much?
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What are some alternative rock or rock songs about loving someone that doesnt love you back?

Um like Sandman. I love you soooo much i cant take my eyes off of you

What are some got songs to describe loving someone who doesnt love you back?

A good song is Like A Boy by Ciara.

What are some songs by The Scorpions?

Some songs by The Scorpions include "Still Loving You", "Rock You Like a Hurricane", and "Wind of Change". Other songs include "No One Likes You" and "Send Me an Angel".

What are some popular songs to play on a blues harmonica?

One song is 'Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog' or 'Why Can't We Be Friends'. I forget the singer, but there really great loving songs. I hope you enjoy!

What are some good songs to practice your vocals?

jackson 5-whos loving you omg girlz-lover boy omg girlz-incredimazable omg girlz -cant stop loving youu

What are some songs that adel sings?

Adele's most popular songs are Someone Like You and Rolling in the Deep :)

What are some of the songs of ray Charles?

What'd I say Georgia on my Mind Hit the Road Jack I can't stop loving you You Don't know me

What are some songs about girls who like someone who likes someone else?

Youre beautiful by James Blunt

What are some songs that are about loving ann missing your ex even though they are no good for you?

I May Hate Myself in the Morning by Leann Womack is one of my favs.

What are some songs that can make someone go to sleep?

stuff by suicide silence

How do you make your sister hate a song?

Well,it depends on the song. Some songs have some sort of meaning that can upset someone. Other songs can just be written by someone who wrote another song they dislike. Good Luck!

You want to have 5000 songs and some video how much gbs is that?

it depends on how long the songs and the videos are