What are some signs a man is a player?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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HOW TO TELL IF HE'S A PLAYER/CHEATER/NO-GOOD USER: If you answer yes to 10 or more questions, RUN! No matter what you have to offer, he's only interested in one thing. # He's really good looking. # He's smooth and says all the right things. He's so smooth when you are with him he makes you want to forgive him for the way he acts the rest of the time. # He tells other men he's an expert on women and/or seems well read on women's points of view. He's got game, that's why he's called a player. Uses degrading or objectifying terms for women in conversation with men. # His friends refer to him as a "dog". # He won't make plans with you. Never wants to take you out. # You don't hear from him for days, even when he claims to be your bf. Only calls when he wants something. # He's rarely available to meet when you ask and seems irritable with your inquiry. May criticize you. # He quickly loses interest or won't meet unless there is a likelihood of sex and/or only has time for sex when you meet. Always has some excuse to disappear quickly after sex. # He doesn't answer when you write or call unless you are responding to him. Is evasive or ignores direct questions about his schedule, intentions, exclusivity. # He doesn't ask questions or put any effort into getting to know you. # He either won't see you late at night or only sees you late at night (probably married). Only calls late at night, looking to be asked over. # He cancels your plans suddenly and frequently, usually blaming work. # He's very confident and shows or claims expertise in bed. # He's overly comfortable with you early-on, too relaxed and familiar; no signs of nervousness mean he's done this many times before. # Has a "love nest" full of mood lighting, trophies and pictures of himself climbing mountains, waterskiing etc. # He won't take you to his local haunts and doesn't introduce you to friends or family. # He has loads of girl's numbers in his phone and numerous female friends. # His phone rings frequently when he's with you but he either doesn't answer or answers selectively. # Other women touch him and/or act possessive and familiar with him when you encounter them in public. # He's overly friendly with and/or attempts to charm your friends. # He's on msn for hours or constantly (men don't talk to men on there). # He has multiple Yahoo, hotmail, IM addresses or profiles on line. # You catch him in lies or his stories don't match/make sense. He's vague about everything. # He gets details wrong about things you've told him multiple times. Too much information coming from too many women. Forgets your birthday or other important events. # He calls you babe all the time instead of your name. Maybe he can't remember your name?? He sometimes calls you a name that is incorrect. # He is a dandy. He favors extremely expensive clothing, brags about how much it costs and gets haughty if you don't compliment him on his looks and attire frequently. He drives a car that attracts a lot of attention. Flamboyant men often crave excess attention, and the sexual opportunities it offers # He vehemently denies being a player and claims to either to, "love" and/or "respect all women". He makes you feel like you are overreacting when you are not.

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Q: What are some signs a man is a player?
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