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The most popular sical networking site, everyone knows, is facebook. Followed by Twitter and Linkedin. Number 4 and 5 are Pinterest and mySpace. It's a little surprising finding myspace on place 5, but they changed the whole social structure. Today MySpace is a platform for musicians and their fans!

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Q: What are some popular social networking sites?
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What are popular social networking sites that are user friendly?

There are so many social networking sites out there. One of the most popular sites is Facebook is fairly user friendly but there are still some learning curves for newbies.

What are some benefits and risks of using social networking sites?

Social networking sites could be good and bad.

What is the most popular social networking software?

There are a variety of options available for social networking software. The most popular of course would be the software used by the top social networking sites today. Some software is open source which means it is editable for programmers.

What are some scoial networking sites that College Candy is a part of?

Some social networking sites that College Candy is part of are Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Others social networking sites are Myspace and Google+.

What are some kinds of social networking?

some kinds of social networking sites could be facebook msn etc. these sites are used for our tele communication purposes

What are some of the downsides of social networking sites?

its lovely

How do you make a debate about disadvantages of social networking sites?

A disadvantage of social networking sites is that they are making traditional relationships obsolete. Some people use social networking and never bother to call their friends or visit with them.

What are the social networking sites that you can upload your movie?

Pretty sure you can upload movies to Facebook and Myspace. I know some "adult" social networking sites allow it as well.

What are 15 most popular social networking sites?

There are quite a number of various social networking websites available. Some popular examples are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Thit, Pinterest, Peerpeek, and IDMe. Determining which are most popular beyond the top three is almost impossible.

How were social networking sites made?

Some of these sites were made as a project developed by students for their college which later on took huge response and the developers decided to make it more popular.

What are the most popular social networking websites?

facebook Google plus 1 is good to a bit more sophisticated than Facebook. RapidFire App is like a Social Network in a way as it is a platform to communicate to various Multiple Social Networks.

What are various online social networking sites that are considered to be safe for kids?

Some online social networking sites that are considered to be safe for kids are Togetherville, ScuttlePad and Skid-e Kids. Because of the dangers of general social networking sites, these sites were created and strictly monitored to allow kids to interact safely.