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Some popular credit card consolidation companies are: "personal finacial help solutions", "buyers guide", "123 debt solutions", "Debt wave credit counselling", "Premier Debt Help", "Incharge debt solution", "Coastal Credit Solutions", to mention a few.

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Q: What are some popular credit card consolidation companies?
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What are the advantages of credit card consolidation?

Credit card consolidation consolidates all of ones debt. Credit consolidation makes it easier to pay off ones credit card debt with a lower interest rate than most credit card companies.

What are the names of two companies in the US that offer credit card debt consolidation?

There are many companies in the US that offer credit card debt consolidation. Two of these companies include the Wells Fargo Credit Center and National Debt Relief.

What are the different secrets when it comes to consolidation of credit card debt?

The different secrets when it comes to consolidation of credit card debt is to make sure that the credit card debt is not tampered with by the credit card companies. The help of government revenue service systems can be of assistance in the area of verification of legitimate credit card services.

Where can one get a credit card consolidation loan?

There are many companies that offer credit card consolidation services. Some of these include National Debt Relief, CuraDebt, and CareOne Debt Relief Services.

What company offers a debt consolidation credit card?

There are a number of credit card companies that offer debt consolidation. Wells Fargo, for example, is one notable company that is known to provide this service.

Do you know how to pay off credit card debt using a consolidation company?

Consolidation companies are a scam. If you contact your credit card companies directly many of them have programs that will lower your interest rates for a period of time so you can pay your balances off.

Where can one find a credit card consolidation company?

To find a credit card consolidation company one could visit the website called "Debt Consolidation Reviews". On the site there are reviews on the top debt consolidation companies. These reviews can help one to choose the company that is right for them.

How does credit card consolidation help people who are in debt?

Credit Card Consolidation can be infinitely useful to indebted people. These companies consider all options for repaying credit and help people slowly repay their debt in a reasonable manner.

Where can one take out a consolidation loan?

Debt consolidation loans are available through credit card companies, banks and credit unions. All offer different percentage rates, fees and conditions.

How does one obtain a credit card debt consolidation loan?

There are a number of ways for one to obtain a credit card debt consolidation loan. One option is to view websites such as Money Supermarket which can provide and compare details of a suitable companies.

Where can one find reviews on Credit Card Companies?

There are many places where one can read reviews on credit card companies. One can read reviews on credit card companies at popular on the web sources such as Capital One and Credit Card Guide.

If you are enrolled with a debt consolidation program can the credit card companies sue you and take your property?

First off, the credit card company doesn't want your stuff. They won't come and take your TV or whatever you bought. Usually, if you are having a debt consolidation company divide up your payments - the credit card company won't bother you. BUT, sometimes the consolidation companies don't start making the payments when you give them the money. Sometimes, they keep your first and/or second payments as part of their fee. IF they didn't pay, the credit card people can sue you.