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One of the most popular zero balance transfer credit cards in Canada is the MBNA Platinum Plus Master Card. This card also has a zero percent annual fee.

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2013-05-29 10:36:04
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Q: What are some names of 0 balance transfer credit cards?
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What are the names of some credit cards offering 0 percent APR?

Most 0% APR credit card offers are for balance transfers from one credit card to another. This is a smart option if you are looking to pay down your credit card debt. Some credit cards that offer this benefit are Capital One Platinum, Discover It, and the Citi Diamond Preferred card.

What are the names of plastic money?

Plastic money refer to all types of plastic bank cards. They are often named depending on their use: ATM cards, debit cards, credit cards and smart cards.

How can you transfer your mortgage to your mother who has less than perfect credit if both of your names are already on the deed?

You can't transfer the mortgage, but you can remortgage in her name only.

If your wife files bankruptcy without you Will you have to give up credit cards that are in your name only?

No... any cards that are solely in your name - are YOUR responsibility. Only cards and accounts in joint names will be affected.

Can you obtain Credit cards in maiden name and married name?

Yes, you can obtain credit cars in both names if the company will issue them to you. Sometimes the same credit card company will issue you two different accounts.

What all is included in the trial balance?

A trial balance includes names and values of nominal ledger accounts. These items will be listed in either the debt or credit column, depending on the nature of the account.

If credits cards send me to collection my wife will be responsible?

Only if the credit card accounts are held jointly ... both names on the account(s).

What options exist for instant approval credit cards?

There are 2 options for instant approval of a credit card. The first being a card with no credit checks and the second being named pre-approved. Basically both names are based on the same principle.

What is provided by US Merchant Services?

US Merchant Services offer a few different brand name products used to pay for items with credit cards, debit cards and ebt cards. Some of the brand names are Hypercom, Verifone and eProcessing Network.

Is credit card factoring sometimes known as credit card laundering?

Credit Card Factoring is indeed sometimes known as credit card laundering and even at times may be called money laundering. These two names mean to launder money by use of credit cards often times through businesses.

Is it against the law to have credit cards in two different names?

Technically no, but lying about your name on an application is fraud, which is illegal. If both names are legitimately your name (if one is a nickname, or if one is your maiden name), then it's not illegal.

Can a spouse hide credit card statements and checking account statements?

Yes they can, but all you have to do is call the credit card company with the Acc't # to find out what the balance is and they will even send you out a copy of the previous statement. If the bank account is in both your names then phone the bank to find out what the balance is and have them send you a recent statement of expenditures.

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