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Some ideas for decorations for Christmas cakes are to make a Christmas scene from icing to adorn the top. A Christmas tree, a representation of some presents under the tree complete the scene.

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Q: What are some ideas for decorations for Christmas cakes?
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What are some creative Christmas cake decoration ideas?

For great Christmas cake ideas, one should look on websites such as Hobby Craft. Some decorations one can find are Christmas tree cakes, cakes that look like wrapped gifts and the classic ginger bread house.

Looking for more ideas for some custom Christmas decorations for homes.?

Look on Martha Stewart, Southern Living and HGTV websites for lots of ideas for Christmas decorations. You can also try the Amazing Christmas Ideas website. If you just want to purchase the decorations, try a Christmas shop, since they may carry unique decorations.

What are some unique ideas for unusual Christmas decorations?

You can find unique Christmas decorations and ornaments at There are also gothic Christmas trees and decorations. Try

Please give me some ideas of Christmas decorations for children to make.?

There are many Christmas decorations that are child friendly. Children can create ornaments, popcorn strings, snowmen, etc. There are many decorations that children can do.

Where can I find ideas on how to use my Halloween decorations as Christmas decorations?

I'd highly recommend checking Youtube on how to reuse some of your Halloween decorations for Christmas. They usually have some great ideas and would also be able to help you learn how to make your own to add your own personal touch.

Where can ideas for Christmas decorations be found?

Some sites to find Christmas ideas for decorating are and They give decor ideas and tell you where you can purchase them.

Where can I find ideas for outdoor Christmas decorations before halloween?

I like shopping at Kmart, Target, and Walmart for outdoor Christmas decorations. However, their stock may not be out yet. Check their online counterparts or Amazon for some ideas.

What are some great Christmas Lantern decorating ideas?

There are many ways to decorate Christmas lanterns. They can be coloured, wrapped in garland, and hung up around other decorations to accentuate the decorations.

What are some good window Christmas decorations ideas?

You can find unique ideas for Christmas window decorations at You can also find windows displays at and

What are some Christmas decorations in Madagascar?

what christmas decorations would you see in madagascar

Where can I find christmas decorations images?

Browsing images of Christmas decorations is a great way to come up with ideas for your own designs. Some great places to look are and

Where is a good place to buy fun kids Christmas decorations?

Some of the most fun Christmas decorations for kids are the ones they craft themselves. Sites such as offer many different craft ideas to make beautiful decorations for Christmastime.

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