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Hi, I'm having my 12th Birthday soon. I have a bunch of ideas. I could literally help you plan the whole birthday, right here, right now. Okay, lets talk invitations. If your turning 12, you don't want to go to the Dollar Store and pick up an invitation with a butterfly on it that says "You're Invited!" in bold black letters. I mean, Its a bunch of 12 year olds. They want to feel like there at a birthday for 12 year olds, not three year olds. I am hand making my invitations and having my mom photo copying them. Okay, on to theme. I'm going to have a color theme, not like you have to wear pink, the cake was pink, etc., etc. You pick to colors, like orange and light blue. Your streamers are that color, your cake is one of those colors, the tabelcloth is that color, you get my point. Games. The worst thing your mom wants to hear is that your bored. So I'm going to do you and your mom a favor, and give you a giant list.

Blind Makeovers - Have your group split up into pairs. Have a handheld mirror nearby and fill a small basket with lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadow, mascara, etc., etc. Have fun looking at yourself after your partner is done killing your face. When your partner is done, switch rolls and go again. Alternate between all the pairs.

Scavenger Hunt - If your neighborhood is closed, then this will work perfectly. Type up a list of things like acorns, squirrels, dogs, etc., etc. Have your group pair up in teams of 2 and send them off with plastic bag and a time limit. I would give 15 minutes, but it depends on the amount of your items and there difficulty. Whoever doesn't show up on time looses 1/2 point for every minute there late. Have them add up there total (one point per object found,) and have them say there total out loud. The pair with the most points gets a prize.

Pillowcase Palooza - Buy a white pillowcase for each of your guests. Have them write their name any way they want on the top, and have each guest write a note to them with a sharpie marker of any color. These will be excellent reminders of how great the party was.

I Never - This game should probably be played when its almost bed time. Each girl gets a bag of 20 M & M's. You go around the circle, starting with the birthday girl, saying what they've never done. If someone from the group has done it, the person who has done it takes an M & M out of there bag and eats it. The game ends when someone looses all their M & M's. The person with the most wins and gets a small prize.

Kiss the Superstar - Hang up a poster of a hot celebrity (Taylor Lautner recommended) and have all the guests put on your moms darkest red lipstick. Get a blindfold and put it over your eyes, taking turns trying to find the lips of your celeb. Whoever kisses him first gets a prize.

Award Show - This game goes out throughout the party, with awards like Heaviest Sleeper, Longest Sleeper, Best Dare, Fastest Changer, Craziest Prank, Best Dare, I recommend having one for everyone at the party so no one gets left out. Make certificates on Microsoft Word, and give them out as the guests leave.

Pillow Fight! - Everyone loves this classic game, and should be played before cake, so when your mom yells cake, everyone drops their pillows and comes a running. Cordinate the time you make your pillowfight with cake time.

I Hate Skittles - In a medium sized bowl, fill it 3/4 of the way to the top with skittles. Sit in a circle on the floor. Starting with the birthday girl, take out to skittles. If they match, eat them. If they don't, leave them in your mouth. Keep going until there are no more skittles or one girl can't put any more in there mouth. No prize needed for the winner, because they just ate a BUNCH of skittles.

Candy Bowling - Get a medium sized ball as the bowling ball. If you want to be more creative, put three holes in it with a sharpie. Get a clear wall, with no shelves, computers, one wall that is just blank. Allign 10 cups filled with candy, preferably with wrappers. If you need to know the alignment for your pins, look at this website.

Balloon Pop - Before the party is started, blow a balloon for each guest. Tie a string around each of them, and when you want, have the guests tie the balloon on there ankles. Have them do this for 3 minutes, and whoever has a balloon left is the winner.

Okay, now that you've got your games, lets move on to your menu.

Drinks - Here are some quick and easy - yet very tasty - drinks to add on your menu.

Island Punch - In a glass, mix together 1/2 cup of lemon lime soda, and 1/2 cup Pineapple Juice. Add crushed ice and a straw. Serve cold.

Shirley Temple - A classic drink, mixed with 2 simple ingredients. In a glass, pour Sprite until the glass is halfway full. Pour in a quarter cup of Maraschino Cherry juice, mix it well. For extra flair, add a lemon slice on side.

Pop - Everyone loves classic pop.

Food - Pizza is a yes at every slumber party, but you want to keep the food going until the last person is asleep. Always have your popcorn on hand, a bowl of M & M's, Smarties or Skittles, chips, and any other thing you like. For breakfeast, some chocolate chip pancakes with toppings like syrup, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, butter, Chocolate Chips, anything basically.

I hope you have the best bash ever!

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well hav a bbq and hav a camping party and go out at night with out your parents

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Well the game catagories is REALLY fun and almost everbody enjoys........i dont recomend it 4 children under10

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im 12 and for my birthday i went to the cinema with lots of my friends and then went to mc donalds and then i had two friends over for the night for a sleepover :)

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Q: What are some ideas for a 12 year old Birthday Party?
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