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most of the time a boy will wink at you if he finds you attractive, another one is that sometimes a boy will goose you if he likes your figure. and the number one reason is that the boy will say " you are looking beautiful or " your eyes are gorgeous " all of these work

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Q: What are some hints that boys like you?
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Do boys know if a girl is in love with him?

generally not as boys/men can not pick up hints of any kind! If you like him, tell him

Why some boys are play boy?

some boys are like that.

How girl likes boy?

girls can easy in love with boys , some girls like boys cause some boys are handsome ,or some like boys cause boys are cute ,or some really love ,true love

Do boys like it when you kiss them on the head?

Well some boys do but then again some boys don't

Do boys like girly girls better or tom girls better?

It depends on the boy. Boys can have different types of girls they like. Some boys like tom boys and some like girly girls.

How do you get your friend to get out of the way with a boy that you really like then how do you get him to like you?

With your friend just be honest, talk about stuff and adventually move on to boys and say that you like him, with the boy talk to him and find out what he likes, keep talking to him and give him some hints (laughing,playing with hair,bitting lip,ect)

What hints do you use to get girls to know you like them?

look at them alot expecially if their talking to other boys (jelousy) and try to hang aroud them as much as possible i supose.

Soon you were going to ask a boy out in middle school how would you tell him you like him and if we can go out?

depends on if u want him to ask you out if u do then throw some hints not to small hints we boys don't get them but just make some contact be around him now if u want to, make sure u get to know him first then get to be friends then when ur alone or whatever simple ask hope that helped

Yes boys do like girls with brown hair and the eye clolor?

well some boys do and some boys don't but if you think he does like you and your hair then ask him out.

Do boys like indie girls?

That depends on the boys taste. Some boys may or may not like indie girls.

What are some Club Penguin hints?

The hints are that if you save your coins you will get a lot!

What are some good hints for toontown?

hints? don't really no any...