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Depending on people interests there are many things to keep conversation going. The obvious would be work. If the conversation starts turning into a whinefest, change the subject. Travel is also a good one. It takes people away from the daily grind. To get to know someone ask questions about their favorite: school teacher, cartoon, color, car, food, pet, place been, place to go, superhero, holiday, movie, restaurant, etc. The way you pose the question could make or break the moment. Always put in "whats your favorite or fondest" It narrows it down to a particular answer. Saying "did you or do you have a favorite" that leaves it wide open. Look for body language. Fidgeting, uncomfortable facial expressions, looking down or away, may be a signal that the person is uncomfortable with that subject and its time to move on. If you see the mood turning sour, talk about something you both can relate to and remember its not what you say its how you say it... good luck and have fun. Answer I think the question that makes you sound most interested in a person is asking them what is there dream, if they could do anything in the world no matter the obstacles what would they do. It makes you appear that you are interested in understanding their dreams and feelings. Just be sincerely interested. Don't ask the generic questions like what's your favorite food. Your more intelligent than that and it's a more intricate question that will lead to other ones. answer: from sarahbby DONT focus the conversation on yourself. though its extremely okay to bring up exiting & interesting things about yourself, of course. but try not to make things weird. if their wearing any logos, like say a Skateboarding brand. i.e BAKER. ask them something like "Oh! so you like baker boards? interesting" and then smile. try to keep the conversation going, but dont get caught up being the only one talking. it will make the other person VERY uncomfortable. well, remember to smile! hoope this helps! -sarah

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Q: What are some good topics to discuss on a first date to keep the conversation going?
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You can keep a conversation going by bringing in topics of interest. You might like to bring in topics that you both like talking about.

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