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Q: What are some good sites for teeng girls about like puberty sex bras etc?
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Why do girls stuff their bras?

Some girls may choose to stuff their bras to enhance the appearance of their breasts or to achieve a desired shape or size. It can be a personal preference or influenced by societal standards of beauty.

Why do girls need bras?

Girls need bras so when we're really old our boobs aren't super saggy.

Why girls are wearing cup shaped bras?

It is logic for girls to wear cup shaped bras to cope with shape of their breasts.

Do girls use pads?

for Bras

Do girls wear bras when they sleep?


How do girls use pads?

for bras

Why do girls were bras?

We wear bras so our nipples dont show through our shirts

Do eleven year old girls wear bras?

Yes, actually, some do. Girls go into puberty at various times but the average age is between 9 and 14. It's perfectly normal for an eleven year old to wear a bra, but not all of them do.

Is 6 years old to young for a girl to wear a training bra?

no they are not have they started breast development or have small breasts? but six is not too young i am ten and i started wearing mine at 7 years old and but somehow the training bra has helped my breast shape and helped them grow better. i don't have a bud but i wear training bras and my breasts are a bit big

Why do girls not wear bras?

Sometimes girls don't wear bras because their boobs hurt or they are just having a lazy day.. LoL

Do guys like strapless or hook bras better on girls?

Guys like bras off girls. it doesnt matter.

Do girls sleep with their bras on or off?

either of those are fine for girls