What are some good jokes to own your friends?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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i was walking down the road the other dday and i wanted to know how far it was to the train station so i bumped into this guy and i said how far is it to the train station and he said 4 mile (really grumpy voice)amd i said sorry what and he said 4 miles roughly speaking ( gravely voice)

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Q: What are some good jokes to own your friends?
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List some good elephant jokes?

!: why doesnt an elephant need a suitcase? A: Because it has its own Trunk!

Who made Chuck Norris jokes?

well not only one person made all the jokes its just once some person watched his show and made a comment so he told his friends they thought it was funny so they passed it on and started making there own

What are some hints for adventure quest?

use friends if you can, it may be to hard to fight a monster on your own, friends are good to have

Does Jay Leno write his own jokes?

motorcycles jokes

Does Dane Cook write his own jokes?

Yes, Dane Cook writes his own jokes, as most comedians do.

There is this guy that goes on the same bus as me and we speak sometimes and crack jokes but I would love to get to know him better but he is always around his own friends. What should I do?

Bat your eyes a bit. Give him a sign. Some guys can be a bit dense, so if it doesn't work, incorporate it into one of your jokes, like, "Hey, want some glasses so you can see me batting my eyes at you?"

What are three ways that Peter's mom reacts to his jokes?

The three ways that peters mum reacts to his jokes are she laughs in his face.. walks off and says there stupid joins in with the jokes and trys to make up some of her own

What is the condition called where you laugh at your own jokes?

There is no condition or abnormality at a person laughing at their own jokes. Some people can tell a joke with a straight face while others either mess up the joke or start laughing at their own joke. Even professional comedians will laugh along with their own jokes once in awhile.

Who make they make they own jokes?

if someone has a good sense of humor then it is very easy to make up jokes, but if you have a very bad sense of humor then you can just say jokes and say that you made them up hoping that the other person hasn't heard that joke before.

I am looking for some funny father's day jokes to tell my husband. Where can I find some?

The first and best place to look would be a online joke site. This can be found by searching on a search engine for daily jokes. If you own a smartphone you can download a daily joke application that gives you a number of themed jokes every day, this would include father's day jokes

Witch website has Star Wars jokes?

In the Star Wars Blogs section of Star, there is a blogger who posted his own Star Wars jokes. (These jokes are his own creation.) Here is the link: (the jokes are very funny) Do not listen to this inconsiderate afshole above me. is great for star wars jokes.

How can you be awesome?

you can be yourself, always be fun, and especially know how to make good conversations with people and entertain them as much as you can. making jokes and being yourself is a great way to be awesome. just make sure that some of your jokes arent cheesey or you get annoying with jokes, in this case, just keep your mouth shut