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pandora, does not give you the songs, but you can hear music you like for free.

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I got an app that let's me download them for free , it's the free music dowloader and u can buy the pro version to add as much songs as u like , and then I enter mp3skull website in the app and download them so easily, also I use

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2014-02-10 18:01:30
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Q: What are some good apps that give you free songs?
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Where to download music from for free?

A good place to start is to download frostwire which is free. It has every song for free and also free movies and tv shows and apps. But be careful because some of the songs and stuff can carry viruses.

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Are there any good songs that are free on iTunes?

No there are NO good songs for iTunes for Free, it's so STUPID!!

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prankify yourself

What is name for free songs site?

Cooltoad is a good site for downloading free songs!!:-d!!

What are good sites to get full songs?

If the owner of the song wants to give it away for free, it is legal. Otherwise it is music piracy.

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Vidtrim, videofx live and videoshow are free apps to convert your home made clips.

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Use the app store on you iPod/iPhone/iPad then go to the free tab or just watch free apps on iTunes the store doesn't have many but there is some free good ones

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some good free apps are: mega jump sally's salon sally's spa scoops cut the rope Christmas gift smurfs angry birds - Rio free and fruit ninja lite

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Vidtrim, videofx live and videoshow are free apps to convert your home made clips.

Where can I get a few cool apps for my phone ?

A good place to find apps is whatsapp, deezer is good for music and there are lots of free apps that you can find on facebook if you like games. Itunes is another good app that will enable you to download good music. The best apps for you will depend on which platform your phone works on and you personal preference.

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The National Journey Planner has apps that are available for Android and Apple Smartphones. These apps may be downloaded for free.

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